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The Mile of Music Festival in Fox Cities, WI, is an annual, admission-free, walk-able festival featuring a variety… https://t.co/3E9HF5Hk37
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The Mile of Music Festival in Fox Cities, WI, is an annual, admission-free, walk-able festival featuring a variety… https://t.co/cOkbRTK93v
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The Mile of Music Festival in Fox Cities, WI, is an annual, admission-free, walk-able festival featuring a variety… https://t.co/9c7sOsBJf6
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“We’re On” – Mile 2 Announced!

Posted Apr 25, 2014

Click HERE to watch the official announcement via The Post-Crescent. Photos by Larry Radloff Photography.

Those of us who were overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by the excitement and success of Mile 1 are now seeing double … That is, double the number of artists and venues for Mile 2, officially announced!


On Thursday, April 24 at the OuterEdge Stage in Downtown Appleton, Mile of Music co-founders, Dave Willems of Willems Marketing and Fox Valley native singer-songwriter, Cory Chisel, unveiled the first batch of artists to appear at Mile 2 this summer, August 7-10, 2014. Here’s a recap of the announcement:

“Keeping the Firehose Turned On”

Last year’s festival had nearly 200 performances take place in 40 venues. We are excited to announce that Mile 2 will have over 200 artists and 600 live performances at 60 venues along Downtown Appleton and the Riverfront.

Cory Chisel revealed a few new and returning artists coming to Mile 2, including bands featuring members of REM, Foo Fighters and Wilco, and spoke to the audience about Mile of Music and what sets us apart from other festivals. We’re proud of the hospitality that our festival organizers and the City of Appleton willingly offered last year to all of our artists, and we love the fact that our lineup includes a mix of nationally renowned artists and artists championed locally and regionally.

Unique to Mile of Music, this year will feature a Mystery Stage, where the audience won’t know who’s playing on the stage until the curtain drops.

Mile of Music’s Website and Mobile App

We’re grateful for our dedicated technology partners. Greg Waters (of Greg Waters & The Broad Street Boogie, who performed in last year’s festival) and his team from Stellar Blue Technologies have been developing and updating the Mile of Music website. John Ptacek and his team at Skyline Technologies have been working on a new Mile of Music mobile app, which fans can use to discover artists, navigate the festival, and have a schedule in hand.

“Music is a Birthright”


Music Immersion Curator, Leila Ramagopal Pertl, and Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory, Brian Pertl, led the crowd in some music-making to give them a taste of more Music Immersion Activities that will be happening at Mile 2 for festival goers of all ages and experience levels. This is an important and growing component of our festival, which allows everyone to take part in the immersive and unifying act of music-making, which we proclaim “is a birthright, and belongs to everyone.” Mile 2 will feature double the number of music education events (to over 20 activities throughout the festival) led by the Music Immersion Team, which includes educators from Appleton Public Schools and Lawrence University.

Live Performances by Mile of Music Artists

The media event featured performances by Mile of Music artists Wilfret and Miss, Kyle Megna and Dave LeBlanc (from Kyle Megna and the Monsoons), and Cory Chisel.


Check out this Post-Crescent article on the announcement to watch an interview with Cory Chisel at the event!

VIP Passes On Sale Now

Visit our tickets page for more information!

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    Will “The Candles” be there also? Great sound to them.

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