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Welshly Arms @welshlyarms
We are super excited to announce that we will be performing at this year's @MileOfMusicFest! Catch us in Appleton,… https://t.co/OU0CMval42
Apr 18
Betsy Ade & the Well-Known Strangers @wkstrangers
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Apr 18
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Just announced The first 50 acts for the @MileOfMusicFest and look who’s coming to town….. #blkbok #mileofmusic https://t.co/KjXeDo4WjP
Apr 18
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Apr 18
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Mile 10. First 50. (And more to come!) 🎶🥳 Join us August 3-6, 2023 in Downtown Appleton. Listen on Spotify here:… https://t.co/cJVF2c3uo8
Apr 18
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We can't keep it a secret much longer. 😜The Mile of Music Team is excited to share festival updates & our much-anti… https://t.co/RpY3yvYZ7L
Apr 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Spring has sprung, and warm weather is on its way! 👏 We're gearing up for Mile 10 and doing a little spring cleanin… https://t.co/BiERwrNh0m
Mar 23
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
It's a gray day in Appleton today, but we're celebrating the fact that we'll be kicking off Mile 10 in just 150 day… https://t.co/8t72n72aPP
Mar 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
A glimpse into just a few of the 34 ice sculptures that are currently displayed throughout @dwtnappleton! Head outs… https://t.co/RBzM5vIjiS
Feb 17
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
It's been nearly ten years of music and smiles, We're just so excited to see you on The Mile! Happy Valentine's Da… https://t.co/oQW1DgjxVH
Feb 14
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Six more weeks of winter... so you can find us thinking about this summer at Mile 10! 🎵☀️ #MileofMusic https://t.co/8B7Y0iSR39
Feb 2
Phillipmscales @PhillipMScales
Last night at @StoneArchBrews was an ENTIRE blast! Let's do it again tonight see you there: https://t.co/j4jo4a9dTMhttps://t.co/F45KimFygd
Feb 1
WLUK-TV FOX 11 @fox11news
To provide fundraising support and to keep #MileofMusic going each year, Appleton Community Music, Inc. was formed… https://t.co/C5tpkLWwpG
Jan 24
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
As the #MileOfMusic readies to commemorate its 10th festival in August 2023, Appleton Community Music, a recently f… https://t.co/ig6UjUMPzF
Jan 24
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
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Jan 20
Phillipmscales @PhillipMScales
#appleton, I love you. Ya'll pretty much #soldout the first show so @StoneArchBrews decided to add another night!… https://t.co/LxVet7cQFp
Jan 16
Phillipmscales @PhillipMScales
Hey Appleton! We got a 🚨Low Ticket Alert🚨 for 1/31 at @StoneArchBrews! You definitely want to grab em before they'r… https://t.co/KyaWqDs6LZ
Jan 12
Phillipmscales @PhillipMScales
Stoked to chat with @TheAvenue91 about the @StoneArchBrews show on the 31st. What should we talk about #appleton? #mileofmusic
Jan 10
Keegan O'Brien @KeeganROBrien
Ending 2022 with a #MileOfMusic show from @the_astronomers! https://t.co/z0LJ8pL5H1
Dec 31
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
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Nov 23
Betsy Ade & the Well-Known Strangers @wkstrangers
On deck! We are invading the @cityofappleton with the full band on December 3rd at the wonderful Gibson Community M… https://t.co/AF90wblUwb
Nov 19

Mile 3: A Tundraland Recap

Posted Sep 10, 2015

Can you believe it’s already been just over a month since Mile 3? What a month it has been! Remember some of our Tundraland displays at Mile of Music? We’ve got a few updates on where things are from our presenting partner’s perspective.

 Selfie in the Shower

Even with the many entries for Tundraland’s ‘Selfie in the Shower’ contest, we’re pretty convinced Mile 3 artist Jaik Willis knew he had the winning shot. He will receive a $250 Visa gift card, thanks to Tundraland. Congratulations, Jaik!

Mile 3 artist Jaik Willis' winning selfie

Mile 3 artist Jaik Willis’ winning selfie

Singing in the Shower

At Mile 2, Tundraland debuted their ‘Singing in the Shower’ display and asked festival attendees to – you guessed it – sing in the shower. The goal? Get 250 people to belt out a tune in order to send a local student to music school for a year. Mile 2’s scholarship winner, Jordan Oudenhoven of Kaukauna, played with Cory Chisel in Chisel’s opening Mile of Music set on Thursday afternoon.

This year, Tundraland had bigger things in mind for ‘Singing in the Shower’. Tundraland President Brian Gottleib was certain they could surpass the 250 mark, and wanted to reach 400. If they could do it, another local student would receive a scholarship to music school. In addition, a local family would receive a home improvement project, courtesy of Tundraland.

We’re extremely proud to say that with the help of Tundraland and Mile of Music attendees, Tundraland was able to reach both goals. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more on the Youth Music Scholarship Program and Tundraland home improvement project.

Youth Music Scholarship Program

Students: You now have until Thursday, October 15 to apply for the Tundraland Music Scholarship. Email [email protected] or drop your application off in-person and answer “Why do you think you should be selected for this scholarship?” in 100 words or less to be considered. (Must be 18 years of age or younger to be eligible.)

In-person drop off locations:

Heid Music, 308 E. College Ave., Appleton

Tundraland, 2277 W 41 Frontage Road, Kaukauna

As they say, that’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more from Tundraland & Mile of Music. Visit Tundraland here.

-The Mile of Music Team

Cover Image by Larry Radloff

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