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“The First 50” of Mile 5!

Posted Apr 20, 2017

Visit the Mile 5 lineup page here!

Mile 5 is almost here! The Mile of Music team has been planning away since the end of Mile 4, but weā€™re officially ready to start bringing you the 2017 lineupā€¦beginning with The First 50!

Each spring, we kick things off at our announcement. Missed it? You can watch it here thanks to The Post-Crescent. This event serves as the first place we share The First 50, along with other exciting updates about the upcoming festival.

This yearā€™s First 50 artist lineup features 30 returning and 20 new artists and spans across a total of 19Ā statesĀ andĀ two countriesĀ outside of the United States. Genres from soul to sun-soaked rock, and everything in between, are represented in the first lineup group. For more information on each individual artist, check out theĀ Mile 5 lineup page!Ā More artists will be announced throughout the spring and summer, so stay tuned!

NEW Artists for Mile 5:
Cat Clyde (Stratford, Ontario, Canada), San Fermin (Brooklyn, NY), Campdogzz (Chicago, IL), Terra Lightfoot (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), Octave Lissner (Paris, France), Liz Cooper & The Stampede (Nashville, TN), Diane Coffee (Los Angeles, CA), Boy Named Banjo (Nashville, TN), Valley Queen (Los Angeles, CA), Dylan LeBlanc (Shreveport, LA), Smooth Hound Smith (Nashville, TN), Ron Gallo (Nashville, TN), Christopher the Conquered (Des Moines, IA), Andrew Leahy & The Homestead (Nashville, TN), Molly Bush (Nashville, TN), Maybe April (Nashville, TN), Harpooner (Nashville, TN), The Vegabonds (Nashville, TN), Beach Tiger (Charleston, SC), Wild Fur (Durham, NC), The Kernal (Jackson, TN), The Artisanals (Charleston, SC), The Still Tide (Denver, CO), Frederick The Younger (Louisville, KY), High Up (Omaha, NE), Captain Ivory (Nashville, TN), The High Divers (Charleston, SC), Suck the Honey (Cincinnati, OH), Fast Romantics (Toronto, Canada)

Returning Artists for Mile 5:

The Kickback (Chicago, IL), JC Brooks (Chicago, IL), Desert Noises (Provo, UT), Quiet Hollers (Louisville, KY), Mo Lowda & The Humble (Philadelphia, PA), LOLO (Jackson, TN), The Dove and The Wolf (Philadelphia, PA), Swear and Shake (Nashville, TN), Wild Adriatic (Albany, NY), Kristin Diable (New Orleans, LA), Motherfolk (Cincinnati, OH), Me Like Bees (Joplin, MO), Jamie Kent (Nashville, TN), Sun Parade (Northampton, MA), Dan Rodriguez (Minneapolis, MN), The Noise FM (Chicago, IL), Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hears (Rockford, IL), Tenement (Appleton, WI), Raquel Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA), The Lowest Pair (Olympia, WA)

The 2017 festival, dubbed Mile 5, is August 3-6, 2017 and will feature 230+ artists. This free festival is housed throughout Downtown Appletonā€™s walkable mile-long stretch and showcases 70 of our local venues, including bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and more! Festival attendees can expect more than 900 sets of live music between Thursday and Sunday in these participating venues.

Get ahead on exploring who our Mile 5 artists are before the big weekend! Check out our Spotify playlist here!

Note:Ā The Mile of Music lineup is subject to change.

6 Responses to “The First 50” of Mile 5!

  • Mark Veeser says:

    Can you please bring back Los Colognes. One of the best bands in the last 4 years. Also, can you have them play on a outside main stage and more then one day. Thank you.

    • Mile of Music says:

      Hi Mark! We’ll definitely pass this along to our talent coordination team. We love them as well. šŸ™‚ Thanks for reaching out!

  • Thom Jones says:

    While i realize she’s been there two years in a row, bringing Megan Slankard back again would, I believe, bestow wealth, health and miles of blessings to the coordinators of the miles of music. Please consider it – she is worth it!!

    • Mile of Music says:

      Hi Thom! Weā€™ll definitely pass this along to our talent coordination team – Megan was part of the Bose Troubadour tour for Mile 4 and definitely has rave reviews after her performances!

  • JasonS says:

    Loved seeing Mike & the Moonpies last year, hope they make it back! Would also love to see more street food options around Houdini Plaza.

  • Dan Stefaniak says:

    Dylan LeBlanc is going to just kill it!

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