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#MileofMusic favorite and @corychisel buddy @robertellis_ will play the Howard in Oshkosh on March 27.
Jan 22
jaik willis @jaikwillis
played bass & drums for Althea Grace in Appleton WI for a mileofmusicpresents event. mileofmusicfest @futurestuff_… https://t.co/z98jyVzIpm
Jan 10
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Saving the date for @lolomusic and @JCBrooksBand !!!Our two favorite artists that come to #mileofmusic every year! https://t.co/24G1qwo8Lp
Jan 5
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Reminder: 2019 #MileofMusic Music-Maker subscriptions are $130 through Friday. Beginning Saturday, the price goes up to $150.
Jan 3
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@TheHawkeyes @misrarecords @Sparkjoymusic #mileofmusic No doubt!
Jan 1
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2,894. That's the number of miles that our artists are traveling to ring in 2019 with us at #MileOfMusic's New Ye… https://t.co/hWfwOhggBV
Dec 20
Mile of Music Presents @MoMPresents
Just a Lil Mo' Time until @BrothersFootman are back in Appleton for New Year's Encore Eve! Did you catch this band… https://t.co/pMWHDrRtFz
Dec 18
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
What’s that? It’s Elliott Blaufuss and his flute getting ready for #MileOfMusic’s New Year’s Encore Eve! 🎶 Elliott… https://t.co/l4sknej9F4
Dec 17
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@AppletonPD_WI Thanks for “Twittering” 😉, answering all of our quick questions and helping keep our community safe!… https://t.co/Ts3j01ifQv
Dec 11
Shane Nyman @shanenyman
Dan Rodriguez, who played to a sold-out Lawrence Chapel last night, will be back in Appleton on New Year’s Eve as h… https://t.co/Zltj1q38UJ
Dec 7
Mile of Music Presents @MoMPresents
#MileOfMusic favorite Dan Rodriguez is heading back to Appleton to serve as Master of Ceremonies for New Year's Enc… https://t.co/VDfDT5Mzki
Dec 7
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Thank you @wilderado for spending 13 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrapped… https://t.co/kxMENJmtgE
Dec 7
Shane Nyman @shanenyman
#MileofMusic Rhythms & Brews schedule for the month: 12/5: Derek Pritzl & the Gamble 12/10: Chicago Farmer 12/19:… https://t.co/kbRpjTT5HJ
Dec 3
Ian Thomson @ithomson74
9 months away from delivering our 7th babe to the music community. @MileOfMusicFest #Mile7 hits #Appleton August 1-… https://t.co/8G1UGHFJSe
Dec 1
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
‼️ARTISTS: Interested in being considered to perform at #MileOfMusic in 2019? We are extremely close to reaching 30… https://t.co/chcTICd5Tx
Nov 30
Mile of Music Presents @MoMPresents
TONIGHT: Don't miss #MileOfMusic 2018 alumni @LastAcre & @heatherstyka at Rhythms & Brews at Riverview Gardens! We… https://t.co/pzTGEmQI91
Nov 28
Shane Nyman @shanenyman
ICYMI: Here's what's up for #MileofMusic Rhythms & Brews and New Year's Encore Eve: https://t.co/2bHDHEpJgL
Nov 26
Post-Crescent Media @PostCrescent
Here's what's in store for the #MileofMusic Rhythms & Brews series and the New Year's Encore Eve concert: https://t.co/VBhPDCqARJ
Nov 26
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Another year of Rhythms & Brews from #MileofMusic kicked off last week. Here's the lineup through December, plus th… https://t.co/WDbMeyyQbf
Nov 26
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#mileofmusic festival was our first time in Appleton, WI and we're happy to annouced that we're coming back already… https://t.co/oZ69tAJm2t
Nov 15
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Happy New Year! Get those grovin' shoes polished cause we're going to be dancin' into 2019. Get your tix here:… https://t.co/DFD4lq7Qsz
Nov 14
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Everybody clap your hands...👏 Our big New Year's Encore Eve announcement is right around the corner! Stay tuned t… https://t.co/dyfugCqhxp
Nov 13
Shane Nyman @shanenyman
Just noticing this now: Mike Mains & the Branches is playing the Howard in Oshkosh with Motherfolk on Saturday. #MileofMusic
Nov 7

Mile of Music 2018 Recap

Posted Sep 6, 2018

In its return to Wisconsin for the sixth year, Mile of Music, presented by Tundraland, welcomed 200-plus artists and 900 live performances over four days in August. The music festival was attended by a record 85,000 visitors and had an estimated economic impact of up to $3.5 million.

A Wisconsin-based original music festival, Mile of Music returned August 2-5 for its much-anticipated sixth installment – Mile 6. The free festival drew a record 85,000 visitors and organizers estimate it had an economic impact of $3.2-$3.5 million.

Throughout the weekend, more than 200 artists performed 900 live music sets at 70 venues up and down the one-mile stretch of Downtown Appleton at indoor/outdoor stages of all sizes. It was a mix of local and national up-and-coming artists on the line-up, some returning to the festival from years past and others coming to perform for the first time.

“Going into the sixth year, it was exciting to see such a great energy surrounding the festival, with people who are so receptive to what we’re doing here and attendance numbers that continue to climb,” said Dave Willems, whose firm, Willems Marketing & Events, produces Mile of Music. “Because the music is free, we’re seeing a trend toward music-lovers who return for multiple days and spend in support of the artist/festival merchandise, Downtown businesses and other area organizations.”

Mile 6 continued its mission to highlight original music versus cover songs and saw the return of some favorite acts like LOLO (Jackson, TN), Dan Rodriguez (Minneapolis, MN), Cat Clyde (Ontario), and SZLACHETKA (Nashville, TN). It also welcomed the talents of many new artists, including Sarah Potenza (Nashville, TN), The Brothers Footman (Indianapolis, IN), Michigander (Midland, MI), Girl Blue (Albany, NY) and Melodime (Washington, D.C.).

To put on an event of this magnitude, Mile 6 received the support of nearly 60 key sponsors, including Tundraland, the festival’s generous presenting sponsor for the last four years. It was also backed by a number of product sponsors that add flavor, including Klements, Trilliant and Stone Arch Brewpub – the official craft beer partner of the festival, which offered its signature Americana Pale Ale.

The festival continued its Artist Care Program this year as a way to give back to the touring musicians, with complimentary services for things like dental care and massage therapy. Mile 6 also continued its partnership with About Better Care Audiology to provide nearly 100 hearing screens, and it welcomed a new collaboration with the Grammy Foundation’s MusiCares program that provided over 100 sets of custom-made musician earplugs.

While having his ear plugs made, one artist said, “I never had the spare funds to buy them but know what a valuable investment they are and feel I should have to pay.” As Dr. Stephanie Long of About Better Care reminded him, “[His] payment came in the form of performing multiple sets to an appreciative community of music fans.”

Along with the artists, Mile 6 fans were treated to some special perks throughout the weekend as well. There were 50 interactive sessions organized by the Music Education Team (MET) that allowed festival attendees to get in on the music-making, with everything from drum circles and dance demos to  songwriting sessions and instrument workshops. MET members from Lawrence University coordinated these activities and included performing artists in leading some of them. On top of that, the Valley Transit Mile of Music Bus proved to be a hit again as it completed 55 tours of Downtown Appleton throughout the weekend with live performances from the musicians. Lines formed with people hoping to catch a ride, and there was a waiting list full of artists who wanted to perform. Additionally, the weekend’s events started with the traditional “First Songs,” ended with “A Song Before We Go” and featured a variety of surprise, pop-up performances in-between at venues along College Avenue that make up The Mile.

As Alaina Stacey of the group Maybe April said, “This was the perfect way to wrap up our summer tour. Thank you to Mile of Music for reminding us why we love music so much!”

Festival organizers have announced that Mile 7 will return to Appleton, Wisconsin, from August 1-4, 2019.

Mile of Music is an original roots music festival that launched in August 2013 as a creative and economic catalyst in Downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. The four-day festival, produced by Willems Marketing & Events, is held in August with the support of more than 60 community sponsors and 400 volunteers. It features 900 live music sets and 200 artists at 70 venues along the one-mile, walkable stretch of College Avenue and the nearby riverfront.

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  • linda sheridan says:

    Will you consider bringing back Blackfoot Gypsies?

    • Mile of Music says:

      Hi Linda! They are always on our list when we do shows throughout the year and during Mile of Music. We’ll keep them in mind!

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