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Fingers and toes crossed... Mark those calendars big and bold! 🎶😊 #MileOfMusic #Mile8 https://t.co/HX9wF0END5
Aug 7
Ian Thomson @ithomson74
1st to close & last to reopen, independent live art venues need our help. Pls join me & over 2,400 members of… https://t.co/LBNsrMAfEN
Aug 4
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Mile 7 Memory: On the last day of the fest, many fans find themselves STILL not being able to get enough music. Tha… https://t.co/mWcP6gh5I7
Aug 2
Trina Laube @mustard_hater
Improvising in our backyard with some sweet shirts designed by our friends' daughter for #mileofmusic… https://t.co/2eTyg3C0PA
Aug 2
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
It’s safe to say that there wouldn’t be a music festival without…music! More than 800 total artists have visited Ap… https://t.co/BQ5VfggaAf
Aug 1
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Local businesses are the backbone of any community. We want to extend a THANK YOU to the venues & retailers who hav… https://t.co/e7YWCqvNPf
Jul 31
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Jul 30
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@ithomson74 #MileOfMusic Trivia: How many Mile t-shirts does Ian own? 😜 (It's an impressive collection!)
Jul 30
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Our goal this week? To bring the good memories from #MileOfMusic to light! Have photos of your Mile experiences? 📸… https://t.co/KGPVUGw7C8
Jul 28
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New show alert! @MeLikeBees live at #MileOfMusic 6 at Emmetts is now up! A crowd favorite every time they return to… https://t.co/yJSlhoQw1l
Jul 27
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going to try to get as many sets up as possible before next weekend as we can....missing #MileOfMusic
Jul 24
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#ThrowbackThursday to some of our favorite memories from past #MileOfMusic Festivals. We’re feeling nostalgic r… https://t.co/YPDddlIMlT
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Another #livemusic event is canceled for 2020 due to worry about #coronavirus. The #mileofmusic in #Appleton has gr… https://t.co/nrSFRNCUX3
May 15
Emily Deem @EmilyDeemGDW
#MileOfMusic canceled https://t.co/UHz0ioIyot
May 14
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This year's #MileOfMusic festival in downtown Appleton is canceled because of the #coronavirus pandemic.… https://t.co/xd9AepompO
May 14
Shane Nyman @shanenyman
Knew it had to happen, but still. Oof. #MileofMusic is not happening this year. https://t.co/8yEa5IJPln
May 14
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
EVENT UPDATE: The #MileOfMusic Team is heartbroken to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Festival, originally se… https://t.co/qLta4wuzVa
May 14
Joe Ornstein @joe_ornstein
Oh how I wish it was #MileOfMusic https://t.co/aAmgKOd9xo
Apr 12

The Mile 7 Preliminary Schedule Is Here!

Posted Jul 18, 2019

You may have already noticed, but the preliminary schedule for Mile of Music 2019 (August 1-4), presented by Fox Communities Credit Union, is now LIVE. The preliminary schedule is available online via the festival’s website and mobile app.

The preliminary schedule can be viewed on the Mile of Music website or on the mobile app, which is available for free download in both the App Store and Google Play.

A HUGE thanks to our web partner Stellar Blue Technologies and our mobile app developer Skyline Technologies for all of their hard work to get the app and website ready to go for Mile 7! Please note: Our best advice is to create your schedule on either the web OR the app. The app and web do not sync. 

With more than 900+ music performances and interactive events, the schedule will continue to be adjusted right up to the festival. Updates can be found on the website and mobile app as they are made in real-time.

A few tips when it comes to planning for Mile 7:

  • Choose either the web or the app as your planning resource. Your web and app “favorites” do not sync.
  • Don’t forget to check out our Spotify playlist!
  • The schedule will continue to update all the way up to (and through) the festival! Our web schedule is always the most up-to-date.
  • Expect the unexpected! Some choose to “go with the flow” and others have every waking moment planned out. Either way is totally fine, but do what’s best for you — and be prepared for some surprises along the way!

The release of the preliminary schedule also includes nearly 50 scheduled Music Education Team hands-on events.

Who are you most excited to see at Mile 7? Have a planning tip for our fans? Leave us a comment below!

8 Responses to The Mile 7 Preliminary Schedule Is Here!

  • Rick Stinski says:

    Hello, you KEEP asking for vouluteers, DONT get it??? I signed up weeks ago, for main stage In the plaza, haven’t anything if I should show up ok not?????
    I Was out of town, for training, not even sure if that happened????
    Please let me know where to go for paper work and if this is still happening or not??????
    Rick Stinski

    • Mile of Music says:


      We emailed you back on this. Once you sign up for a shift, it is yours. If you have any additional questions, please respond to the email we sent you.

      Kim Willems

  • Corliss Diederich says:

    Where can I get on the Mile of Music bus?

  • David Marks says:

    Why no:
    1. Camille Rae?
    2. The Roots

    • Mile of Music says:

      Hi David!

      A lot of thought goes in to who all returns for each festival! Camille has been here Miles 3-6 and we love her and will definitely have her back! A lot of returning artists do end up getting a year off to keep things fresh.

      Thanks for the question!

  • David Marks says:

    2. I mean The Rooks, not The Roots

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