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Mile’s New Music Roundup: November

Posted Dec 2, 2020

Just like that, Thanksgiving has already come and gone! Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought for us, we‘re still grateful for the opportunity to enjoy original music from Mile of Music alumni. 

It’s time to gobble up the November Music Round-Up. 

Of The Orchard – We’ll Be Okay Tomorrow: 

Of The Orchard was previously a solo project by Ben VandenBoogaard (Miles 3-6) but has since turned into a full band operation! The band’s debut album, We’ll Be Okay Tomorrowfeatures an array of toe-tappin‘ tunes! 

Listen on Spotify 

Pony Bradshaw (Mile 4) – Dope Mountain: 

Mile 4’s Pony Bradshaw released a new single called Dope Mountain, which was placed on Rolling Stone’s Country Music Picks for the week of November 30! He also released Calico Jim in November, too. These two singles are from his album coming in January, also called Calico Jim. 

Listen to Dope Mountain on Spotify
Listen to Calico Jim on Spotify 

The Suitcase Junket (Miles 3 & 6) – The End is New: 

We shared a few singles from The Suitcase Junket in the October Roundup, but we’re excited that the full album, The End is New, is now available! 

Listen on Spotify 

Maggie Thorn (Miles 2-6) – Porch Swing Prayers: 

This song will have you right in your emotions, and also at peace! Maggie reminisces on difficult times and expresses her gratefulness for the important things in life. A true testament to how a lot of us feel today! 

Listen on Spotify 

Heather Maloney (Miles 6 & 7) – Christmas Anyway: 

There’s a saying that there are two types of people in this world: those who start listening to holiday music before Halloween, and those who are just tuning in now. Well, good news (no matter which one you are)! Heather Maloney has a new holiday EP out on Spotify. You won’t regret diving into these. 

Listen on Spotify 

By the way, if you like holiday music and Mile of Music artists, check out Mile volunteer & super fan Drew Hahn’s Mile of Music alumni holiday playlist. It’s over an hour of holiday goodness. Listen here

Garth. (Mile 7) – Didn’t I: 

Garth. is back with a brand new single and you won’t regret taking a listen. You’ll either have this stuck in your head after hearing it or be dancing in your car (or both)…but be careful if the latter! 

Listen on Spotify 
Watch the music video 

Strategic (Mile 2) – Christmas Joy & Hope: 

In 2019, Strategic released a portion of his full-length Christmas album…but now you can enjoy the entire thing! The album is currently available on Bandcamp (name your own price) and will be available on streaming platforms in early December.  

Check out Strategic on Bandcamp 

As a way to support artists, Bandcamp will be holding their last Bandcamp Friday of 2020 on December 4. This would be a great time to support other Mile artists! Bandcamp Friday means that 100% of funds raised on the platform on the first Friday of each month go directly to the artists. 

Don’t miss Bandcamp Friday! 

With nearly 800 Mile alumni, we do our best to keep up with everyone. If you know a Mile alumni is coming out with new music in December or the new year, give us a heads up! 

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