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New Music Roundup: January 2021

Posted Feb 11, 2021

New year, new music! We are so happy to see so much new music from Mile of Music alumni as we settle into 2021. Here’s your roundup of new music (we owed you one from January)! 

Carter Hulsey – Miles 4-6 

Looks like we’ll be hearing a lot of new music from Carter Hulsey this year, which is a very good thing! His first release of 2021 is Way Too Long Now (before you get upset, that’s the name of the song…not our opinion…sheesh!) and Hulsey’s next record, Start Staying, will follow soon with a May release. 

Listen here! 

The Traveling Suitcase (Live) – Miles 1-3, 5 

Yes that’s right…The Traveling Suitcase! On New Year’s Eve leading into 2021, TTS announced they’d be kicking off the new year by dropping a live music video for their song “Rhetoric.” And staying true to local, the video was filmed in 2017 at Jersey Street Music Festival in Horicon.  

Catch the video on YouTube here. 

DREAMERS – Mile 4 

Dreamers recently released a new single & music video for “Still Not Dead,” along with American Teeth and Wes Period. The catchy tune lives up to Dreamers’ self-described cosmic rock genre! DREAMERS also released another single, True Crime (Stripped), at the end of January.  

Watch the video on YouTube. 

Andrew Leahey – Miles 5-7 

On top of doing a weekly livestream (he’s now surpassed 40!), Andrew Leahey released a new video for Until There’s NothinBut Air. It’s a neat stop-motion video that accompanies a great song!  

Check out the video on YouTube. 

Bartees Strange (Mile 7) on Late Night with Seth Meyers 

If you missed Bartees Strange making his late-night TV debut, we’ve got you covered! The Mile 7 alum was the featured musical guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Bartees performed “Boomer” from his album Live Forever.  

Watch the performance here. 

Zane Carney – Mile 7 

If you love jazz, you’ll want to give this one a listen (but you should no matter what!) Zane Carney, the versatile multi-instrumentalist,  recently released music as part of the Zane Carney Jazz Quartet. The quartet’s first released song is called “Brain Freeze.” Zane’s album with the Zane Carney Jazz QuartetAlter Ego, is due at the end of April! 

Listen to the song here! 

With nearly 1,000 alumni from the Festival, Rhythms & Brews and the Courtyard series, we do our best to keep up with everyone. Feel free to help us out – if you know a Mile artist that is coming out with new music in February (or anytime in 2021), give us a heads up! 

3 Responses to New Music Roundup: January 2021

  • Karen Levin says:

    Oh My God! We can’t wait to celebrate all these great artists! We missed this sooooo much!!! See you in August!

  • Steve Trauger says:

    When will you begin looking for new artists? What if I’m so new, I only have songs on Facebook? Half a dozen are posted on my page and the Corona music Festival page. Would you consider me? I’ve been writing since 1971. My songwriting has evolved significantly, if only in my own mind. And I’m writing new songs all the time. Formerly from New London, WI, I live in FL now.

    • Kim Willems says:

      Hey Steve!

      Thanks for reaching out! At this time, we are looking to honor 2020 commitments as much as possible before booking new artists for 2021. We anticipate that our artist submission period, which usually starts in November, will launch back up in November 2021 for Mile 9, the 2022 festival. If you’d like, you can send your info to [email protected] in the meantime. We do require that all artists have at least 50 minutes of original music to keep in line with the mission of our festival! Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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