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New Music Roundup 2021: Vol. 3

Posted Mar 26, 2021

In celebration of Women’s History Month (March), this month’s edition of Mile’s New Music Roundup focuses on womxn of the Mile with new music & content!  

Thanks to all of you that provided suggestions for Vol. 3 of the NMR for 2021! We have Vol. 4 already in queue thanks to your suggestions. 😊  

Reminder: NMR is intended simply to share information and updates with you from Mile of Music artists and is not intended as an endorsement of one project over another. It is your option to consider interacting with links or supporting artists.   

Claire Kelly (Mile 7) 

As you listen to Claire Kelly’s new album, The Scenic Routeyou‘ll notice that each song tells a story. From the “Thank You (Intro)” to the “Thank You (Outro),” this is a lovely album! 

Listen on Spotify. 

Raquel Rodriguez (Miles 2, 3 and 5) 

Raquel Rodriguez released a four-song EP featuring the lead single, “Read the Room.” If you saw Raquel at Mile 2, 3 or 5 and loved her then, you’ll surely love these songs, too!  

Listen on Spotify. 

LOLO (Miles 4 and 6) 

LOLO recently collaborated with the Highland Park Collaborative, KT Tunstall, Nikki Vianna and Devyn De Loera on “Together We Are Stronger.” Talk about girl power! It’s absolutely a pump-up song. 

Listen on Spotify. 

The Crane Wives (Miles 2, 3, 5 and 6) 

The Crane Wives (female-fronted 😊 ) released a live-album from their sold-out hometown show in early 2020 before the world turned upside down. It’ll have you right back in “live show” mode...until we meet there again! 

Listen on Spotify. 

Mira Goto (Mile 6) 

Mira Goto released her EP, Nobody Warned Me, back in October 2020, but her music video for the title track is out now! 

Watch the video on YouTube. 

Listen on Spotify. 

Other Cool News: 

Here’s your reminder that the New Music Roundup doesn’t have to just be new albums, videos and tracks! We love to see what our artists are up to in all areas. 

Althea Grace (Mile of Music Presents: Concerts in the Courtyard) 

Althea Grace joined us at Concerts in the Courtyard back in 2017, and now she’s made it onto Season 4 of ABC’s American Idol. Wishing you the best of luck in Hollywood, Althea (and baby Lennon)! 

Keep up with her American Idol journey by following her on Instagram, watching American Idol on ABC or searching “American Idol Althea Grace” on YouTube (here’s her audition, too)! 

Almond & Olive (Mile 7) 

Duo Almond & Olive made their national TV debut on NBC’s The Voice, singing Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers.” Although we were bummed that none of the judges turned their chairs, it was still awesome to see this great duo on a national stage…and it looks like a lot of folks have grown to love them thanks to the show, too.  

Bonus: According to their social media, it looks like they’re in studio and will be dropping an album soon! 

Watch their audition here. 

With nearly 1,000 alumni from the Festival, Rhythms & Brews and the Concerts in the Courtyard series, we do our best to keep up with everyone. Feel free to help us out – if you know a Mile artist that is coming out with new music (or ANY other content) in April (or anytime in 2021), give us a heads up!   

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