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New Music Roundup 2021: Vol. 4

Posted Apr 12, 2021

Spring has sprung, as they say, and we have lots of new music to share. (Thanks to input and suggestions from many of you, we’ve already put most of Volumes 5 & 6 of the New Music Roundup together, so stay tuned.) 

Reminder: NMR is intended simply to share information and updates with you from Mile of Music artists and is not intended as an endorsement of one project over another. It is your option to consider interacting with links or supporting artists or their causes.    

Cedarwell (Miles 1-5) 

Sheboygan’s own Cedarwell released their 8-track EP, Dia Luein, this month. The band’s album was recorded at Honeytone Studios in Neenah, WI! 

Listen on Spotify. 

The 4onthefloor (Mile 2) 

The 4onthefloor released four tracks as part of Just for Kicks. The Minneapolis-based rockers also celebrated 4/4 with a special show at First Avenue in Minneapolis. 

Listen on Spotify. 

Mike Maimone (Miles 2, 4 & 5) 

Mike Maimone released his album isolation:001 in 2020, and 2021 brings isolation:001 The Movie! A music video for each track on the album? Yesplease! 

Learn more & check it out here! 

Mike Maimone and Phillip-Michael Scales are also each part of Lightning 100’s (Nashville) “Music City Mayhem” bracket challenge! Voting for Phillip-Michael opens on 4/15, and voting for Mike opens on 4/16. Vote here! 

Lou Shields (Miles 4-6) 

Lou Shields released Lost Time: Songs From the Past exclusively on Bandcamp. The effort is full of toe-tappin‘ tunes. Great news from Lou – more music will be released on Bandcamp soon! 

Listen here (plus purchase option)! 

Pony Bradshaw (Mile 4) 

We shared Pony Bradshaw’s single in late 2020, but now his full album, Calico Jim, is here! The 10-song album is a great listen, as one might expect. 

Listen on Spotify. 

Szlachetka (Miles 3-6) 

Szlachetka’s ‘light and breezy’ new tune, Let’s Run Away,” is sure to have you day-dreaming 

Listen on Spotify. 

Bascom Hill (Miles 2-7) 

Christina O’Boyle, a Mile of Music fan, messaged us about a song she penned that was later arranged by Mile alumni Bascom Hill. We love to see this! The song is an ode to frontline workers and a tribute those who have died during COVID-19. The song is also raising money for Feeding America. Kudos to Christina and the boys of Bascom Hill. 

Listen & learn about donation options here. 

Michael Grabner (Mile 6) 

Michael Grabner’s newest single, “Restart,” is here! Grabner was also able to feature the song on WAPL’s Homebrewed show on April 10thAccording to Grabner’s Facebook, we can expect a full album soon! 

Listen on Spotify. 

Michigander (Miles 6 & 7) 

Michigander’s six-song album, Everything Will Be Okay Eventually, is an important reminder in a time of uncertainty. It’s a great collection of tunes that’ll have you listening to every word. 

Listen on Spotify. 

Other Fun Content: 

A few weeks back, we shared that three of our Mile alumni were selected as semi-finalists to join The Rock Boat this fall. Well, Megan Slankard, The National Parks and Phillip-Michael Scales have ALL made it to the Top 5! The next round of voting is only open to folks attending (or on the wait list for) The Rock Boat this year, but we like to think fans like you played a part in getting them to the Top 5! Thank you for voting.  

With nearly 1,000 alumni from the Festival, Rhythms & Brews and the Concerts in the Courtyard series, we do our best to keep up with everyone. Feel free to help us out – if you know a Mile artist that is coming out with new music (or ANY other creative content) anytime during 2021, give us a heads up!    

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