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New Music Roundup 2021: Vol. 5

Posted May 3, 2021

April showers bring tons of new music from Mile of Music alumni as we head into May. (That’s what they say, right?! 😉) Let’s dive into the newest New Music Roundup. We have Volume 6 in the works and coming your way soon, too! 

Reminder: NMR is intended simply to share information and updates with you from Mile of Music artists and is not intended as an endorsement of one project over another. It is your option to consider interacting with links or supporting artists.     

Ric Wilson (Mile 4) 

Ric Wilson has had a busy 2021 so far – from being featured on multiple new songs to releasing a few of his own. Check out his most recent tracks, “Woo Woo Woo” and “Everybody Red in the Face. 

“Woo Woo Woo” and “Everybody Red in the Face” on Spotify. 

Trapper Schoepp (Miles 1, 3, 4, 5) 

Milwaukee’s Trapper Schoepp took a creative spin for his latest music video for “River Called Disaster.” On Saturday, May 1, he released a song called “May Day,” which is the title track for his album due on May 21.  

Watch “River Called Disaster” on YouTube. 

Desert Noises (Miles 2, 5, 6) 

The most recent single from Desert Noises actually features TWO Mile alumni. Desert Noises, along with Liz Cooper & The Stampede and Glass Dove, released “Patterns of My Mind.” 

Listen to “Patterns of My Mind” on Spotify. 

LowDown Brass Band (Mile 7) 

LowDown Brass Band is taking creativity to a whole new level! The band is releasing an awesome mini reels series featuring short songs & videos. So far, 6 have been released, but there will be 10 total. 

Follow along with their series here! 

Shadwick Wilde (Mile 7) 

Shadwick Wilde has performed in Appleton solo, and with Quiet Hollers, too! Recently, Shadwick launched his new tune, “When All of This is Over.” And Shadwick’s Facebook says he can’t wait to play for all of you when this is all over. 😊  

Listen to “When All of This is Over” on Spotify. 

PONCÉ (Miles 5-7) 

Nashville rock-n-rollers PONCÉ recently released their newest single, “Clarity.” It’ll have you tapping your toes or dancing right along without even realizing it. 😊 

Listen to “Clarity” on Spotify. 

Beach Tiger (Mile 5) 

Beach Tiger just released his single “Where Do We Go From Here” which is sure to make our summertime playlist. Beach Tiger also had incredibly nice things to say about our Mile of Music fans, so thank you for being awesome! Read his interview with Indie Music here. 

Listen to “Where Do We Go From Here” on Spotify.  

VOLK (Mile 7) 

Nashville-based duo VOLK released their latest single, “Atlanta Dog,” and it’s the perfect mix of classic country and rock & roll. 

Listen to “Atlanta Dog” on Spotify. 

With nearly 1,000 alumni from the Festival, Rhythms & Brews and the Concerts in the Courtyard series, we do our best to keep up with everyone. Feel free to help us out – if you know a Mile artist that is coming out with new music (or ANY other content), give us a heads up!

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