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Songclicks @songclicks
It’s hard to have more fun than an evening with the Haus. #mileofmusic https://t.co/JbE4C3mbic
Oct 17
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
We can’t be the only ones missing these sweet summertime jams on a dreary fall day…right? #MileOfMusic 📷 Fahrenho… https://t.co/pe5KvZZDte
Oct 7
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
A slice of home with every sip. ☕️ It’s #NationalCoffeeDay and we are celebrating with our #MileOfMusic map mug! Po… https://t.co/u2RiPEHTR4
Sep 29
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Soak up these summer nights and head to @bmmglass this Thursday 9/16 for Art after Dark - a FREE event featuring… https://t.co/uAoEMA9hdR
Sep 14
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
Here's part of God, Country, Grave from @MileOfMusicFest. The whole song is on my YouTube, and you can watch this w… https://t.co/4Ch9N0PHlH
Sep 5
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
@MileOfMusicFest was beautiful; grateful to play my songs for such a sweet audience. Here's a clip of Clear Black N… https://t.co/VEQJXlWXYV
Sep 4
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Did you miss your chance at #MileOfMusic merch during Mile 8? Shop our online store today! 🎵👕 Shop now:… https://t.co/IYwjXeZFMq
Aug 26
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Just 352 days to go...but who's counting? 🎶 Join us August 4-7, 2022! #MileOfMusic https://t.co/nejS8J79GM
Aug 17
MoMFunFacts @MoMFunFacts
Announcing the first ever #MileofMusic "Awards": Most Likely to Open for Guns and Roses in the Next Two Years - @kentuckyruckus 🎶🤘🏆
Aug 12
Jim Olski @OlskiJim
Getting a chance to listen to Buffalo Nichols and Mike Maimone reminded me that music also gives a voice to the opp… https://t.co/qU0vS36IAa
Aug 10
Mark Daum 😷 GetVaccinated @daumdesign
Paul Childers creating the vibe at #MileofMusic this past weekend. @ChildersPaul 😎🎶 https://t.co/wJRA4pKRij
Aug 10
-The Hacky Turtles- @thehackyturtles
We had a very turtly time at @mileofmusicfest this past weekend. Thank you so much for having us 💚🐢💚 #mileofmusic… https://t.co/7WofbnB1CC
Aug 9
Westone Laboratories @Westone
We love seeing the hearing protection process in action! We hope these artists and venue workers love their new cus… https://t.co/F1oiDXUEur
Aug 9
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
Thank you @MileOfMusicFest, that was a blast! Playing in Galena tonight, back for @stonearchbrew Tuesday! 📸 Chicken… https://t.co/UiD25utNO5
Aug 9
RogerStreet Friedman @rsfmusic
Band on the run! We love @MileOfMusicFest!! Hope to see y’all next year! #mileofmusic https://t.co/UOMqLNVSw6
Aug 9
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
Today felt really good. Thanks @MileOfMusicFest. I'm going to post this whole set on my @Patreon asap, link in bio.… https://t.co/KI1MdRxwL7
Aug 9
Ann Schlueter @aschluet23
Last band for us this year for @MileOfMusicFest #8 Enjoyed Arkansause at Emmets stage -- strong harmonies and the m… https://t.co/ZhKYP9Gl9c
Aug 8
Nate in Appleton @NateAndree
@MileOfMusicFest wrapping up here in Appleton. Another great event! #mileofmusic https://t.co/5tnUwUGPYg
Aug 8
Ann Schlueter @aschluet23
Good morning @MileOfMusicFest Sun's out at RedLion courtyard to shine on the @raglanders Picture missed the drumme… https://t.co/7SlhUnJynf
Aug 8
Ann Schlueter @aschluet23
One of my favorite tee shirts from this weekend... @MileOfMusicFest #MileofMusic #LiveMusic #OneHitWonders https://t.co/4zITlxo5te
Aug 8
MoMFunFacts @MoMFunFacts
Biggest regrets from this year's MoM8: Missing @snapsforsinners Missing @motherfolkmusic Missing @TheVegabonds Mi… https://t.co/rii8OkrADE
Aug 8
Benjamin Cannon @CannonBranjamin
Mile Day 4 is about to kick off! Day 3 was damp but the shows we caught were worth waiting in the rain for… https://t.co/4ofGliE9Ct
Aug 8
Bryan Rezin @RezinBryan
Album a Day in 2021 with @RezinBryan @WisconsinVinyl “Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume 3” Released 2019… https://t.co/0n0jSmpb8Y
Aug 8

More Artists Announced for Mile 8!

Posted Jul 28, 2021
We know many of you have been waiting for our next (and final) artist announcement, and we wanted to give you – our Music-Makers – a special sneak preview into the next artist announcement for Mile 8.
We are working on getting our website updated to make this easily accessible. If you haven’t checked out the app yet, the schedule and full lineup is there! Thanks for your patience.
Additional Artists on the Mile 8 Lineup
Sarah Potenza (Nashville, TN)
Jacob Tovar (Tulsa, OK)
Magnolia Boulevard (Lexington, KY)
The Minks (Nashville, TN)
Adriel Denae (Appleton, WI)
Heather Mae (Washington, DC)
Crys Matthews (Washington, DC)
Michael James Wheeler (Eagle Vail, CO)
B. Lilly (Chicago, IL)
Fox Royale (Joplin, MO)
Nordlund (Montague, MI)
The Hacky Turtles (Grand Rapids, MI)
Arts Fishing Club (Nashville, TN)
The Brothers Footman (Indianapolis, IN)
Captain Ivory (Nashville, TN)
Mike Maimone (Nashville, TN)
Chris Haise Band (Milwaukee, WI)
Cullah (Milwaukee, WI)
The Blu Janes (Nashville, TN)
Kristen Ford (Nashville, TN)
Roger Street Friedman (New York, NY)
Snaps for Sinners (Springfield, MO)
Kurt Gunn (De Pere, WI)
Girl & The Gunn (De Pere, WI)
Bascom Hill (Madison, WI)
Steev Baker (Madison, WI)
The Bomber Lila Band (Appleton, WI)
Laura Bomber (Appleton, WI)
Horace Greene (Oshkosh, WI)
The Belle Weather (Sheboygan, WI)
Michael Grabner (Appleton, WI)
Driveway Thriftdwellers (Milwaukee, WI)
The Raglanders (Green Bay, WI)
Cody James (Oshkosh, WI)
Cool Waters Band (Appleton, WI)
Stuck on Blue (Oshkosh, WI)
Salmon Run (Appleton, WI)
Bloth (Appleton, WI)
darn it. (Appleton, WI)
trOmp (Appleton, WI)
More Then Merry (Appleton, WI)
Pudge (Appleton, WI)
Mark Munroe (Appleton, WI)
Derek Pritzl (Milwaukee, WI)
Eric W. Krueger (Appleton, WI)
Marty Paschke (Appleton, WI)
Leading the Blind (Appleton, WI)
Sly Joe & The Smooth Operators (Oshkosh, WI)
Zach Pietrini (Milwaukee, WI)
Walt Hamburger & The Bad Puns (Appleton, WI)
Walt Hamburger (Appleton, WI)
Nick Anderson and The Skinny Lovers (Eau Claire, WI)
Kevin Troestler Trio (Appleton, WI)

Unfortunately, previously announced artist Ryanhood will not be able to make it to Mile 8. Snaps for Sinners (announced above) is taking their place instead!


Check out the links to our previously announced artists:
First 50
Second Artist Announcement
If you’re looking for this information on the website, it may not be live quite yet. We are going through a change with our integration platform, and will let you know when things are fully ready on both platforms.

Ready to start exploring this year’s artists? Check out our Mile 8 Spotify playlist!

2 Responses to More Artists Announced for Mile 8!

  • Shawn says:

    Why no j-council?

    • Mile of Music Festival says:

      We love J-Council, but the band is not performing right now! Jon will be performing with his dad, Steve, at Bike to the Beat as Blues Talk.

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