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Jesse Lynn Madera @JesseLMadera
This summer festival is going to be a blast! If you’re in the Appleton, Wisconsin area and looking for a free, even… https://t.co/VBZ90EYK6s
May 18
The Dad At The Rock Show @CannonBranjamin
And we continue to build towards August #mileofmusic #ilovemom #justdamngoodmusic #dadattherockshow… https://t.co/wlaIY6MoiX
May 17
Radkey @Radkey
Finally making our way up to the Mile of Music Festival 😎 https://t.co/QyTIaYTns3 Mile of Music features hundreds… https://t.co/VCzb9gaJkx
May 17
Camp Culture @champmulcher
Appleton, WI 🍎!! We're so excited to set fourth onto your lands to come and play the one and only @MileOfMusicFest.… https://t.co/NaJKOjkXm8
May 16
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
It's a beautiful Monday here in Appleton... so what better day to announce more #MileOfMusic artists? 😍🎶 We will st… https://t.co/vi99QFmr7M
May 16
The Dad At The Rock Show @CannonBranjamin
@OnlyMurdersHulu is great @carvercommodore dropped a new single and is performing @MileOfMusicFest (best week eve… https://t.co/2iGE4kGgfK
May 14
Miss Tess @MissTessMusic
Heads up Wisconsin! Excited to play at @mileofmusicfest with a bunch of rad artists this August 🧡🧡🧡 Anywhere else… https://t.co/KlbSbQAI63
May 9
Ida Jo @idajomusic
I remember Mile 1 like it was yesterday. So happy to be headed back for Mile 9! See you there! @mileofmusicfest… https://t.co/yS6gc1iA8i
May 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
We have 💯 artists on the Mile 9 lineup (so far)! Who are you looking forward to seeing this August? 🎶#MileOfMusic https://t.co/vonMIjKsL1
May 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Just 3 months to go! 🎶 #MileOfMusic https://t.co/f495Kx0ehn
May 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Get a jumpstart on getting to know this year's First 50 with the official Mile 9 Playlist! (New artists will be add… https://t.co/0opwOq85On
Apr 28

New Year’s Encore Eve Event Update

Posted Dec 30, 2021
Hello Music Friends & NYE Ticket Buyers!
After serious and careful consideration by The Mile Team – in consultation with the Gibson Community Music Hall crew as well as other event collaborators – we’ve determined that not holding the New Year’s Encore Eve event on Friday night is the right decision at this time amid this current surge in Omicron infections within our community and state. Please know that full refunds will be returned to ticket buyers during the coming week.
We know this is a “late in the game” decision, but it is being made for several reasons:
  • Even though our friends at Gibson have significant protocols in place, the Omicron numbers are surging among all members of the community – unvaccinated and vaccinated – and are often asymptomatic, making for an additional concern in holding a closely confined, fully-attended event.
  • There have been more positive cases closer to our event team as well as the extended Mile Team than previous, with most of these just in the past few days.
  • We’ve heard directly from a number of ticket buyers in the last 2-3 days who have informed us that they were no longer comfortable attending because of concerns with the surging numbers.
Though we all hope 2022 can see a much more legitimate return to normal for music gathering, our team didn’t think trying to stage one singular event at this time (amid such a surge) was the appropriate thing to do, particularly in light of the heightened nervousness and uncertainty being felt by a number of attendees, several of the artists, and by members of the organizing/coordination team. The old adage that this is a marathon, not a sprint, applies in some ways as we look to the bigger picture of 2022.
Perhaps the hardest part of all this is that there is no one right decision when it comes to staging and presenting large-scale events right now. This fact is one unfortunate carryover from 2021 and from the peak of the pandemic. For us, please know – and we hope you understand – that it really is as simple as trying to do the right thing at the right time for the safety of our artists, staff and music fans.
If you purchased a ticket to the show, more information will follow in relation to your refund.
Thank you for your support,
The Mile Team

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