Genevieve Heyward

Door County, WI

Genevieve Heyward is a young, up-and-coming Midwestern-Americana-Country artist with a vocal range as dynamic as her personality. She released her debut album, “It's Not Like Anyone's Listening,” in 2017 and has been touring the U.S. solo and with various side projects since. Heyward recently joined forces with Wisconsin-based Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and producer Marcus Trana (Painted Recordings), guitarist Nick Hoover (Deathfolk, Toivo) and a handful of other American and Norwegian musicians who have made guest appearances. She is now finishing up work on her sophomore EP, “The River,” which was produced and engineered by Trana and is set for a June release by Painted Recordings. Heyward will be touring the Midwest with her band the North (Trana & Hoover + Friends) after the release of the EP and then heading overseas to tour Scandinavia and Iceland this fall.

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Artist Performances

Thursday August 1st from 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM at The Clubhouse Songwriters Lounge at Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley
Thursday August 1st from 4:05 PM - 4:55 PM at McGuinness Irish Pub
Thursday August 1st from 6:10 PM - 7:00 PM at Rookie's Sports Bar & Grill
Friday August 2nd from 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM at Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley Courtyard
Friday August 2nd from 4:50 PM - 5:40 PM at Good Company
Saturday August 3rd from 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM at Mondo! Wine Bar & Retail
Saturday August 3rd from 3:00 PM - 3:25 PM at Mile of Music Bus
Sunday August 4th from 11:45 AM - 12:35 PM at Bazil's Pub Patio
Sunday August 4th from 3:15 PM - 4:05 PM at Dr. Jekyll's