Minneapolis, MN

With 33 interchangeable strings and vibrant vocal harmonies, Ginstrings is an acoustic, progressive string band driven by an indescribable passion for music. Comprised of members who draw from diverse musical backgrounds, the group comes together to create a sound that reflects just that. While a shared love for music, collaboration, and genre bending gives them a constant desire to search for sound and create something new, a combination of optimism and realism keeps their feet on the ground with a healthy dose of head-in-the-clouds still in tact.

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Artist Performances

Friday August 2nd from 4:40 PM - 5:30 PM at Dr. Jekyll's
Saturday August 3rd from 5:15 PM - 6:05 PM at Union Jack
Saturday August 3rd from 8:25 PM - 9:15 PM at Speakeasy Ultra Lounge