Girl Blue

Troy, NY

Girl Blue is the moniker of singer-songwriter/producer Arielle O’Keefe. Often compared to the likes of Laura Marling, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King and Jeff Buckley, she is a powerhouse vocalist with the rare ability to write songs that both catch the ear and touch the heart. Girl Blue’s first single, “Fire Under Water,” was released completely independently, and was immediately recognized by Spotify on its “New Music Friday” playlist. The song has since been featured in Visit Las Vegas’s “Now and Then” viral commercial and it sits comfortably at over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone. O’Keefe is a rare and genuine talent, especially shining as a live performer, where she has the unique ability to silence a room with just her voice and a guitar. She continues to tour regularly and record her own music independently, planning a full-length album for release.

Music Sampler

Artist Performances

Thursday August 1st from 12:00 PM - 1:10 PM at Lawrence Chapel - MAIN STAGE
Thursday August 1st from 5:15 PM - 6:05 PM at OuterEdge - MAIN STAGE
Friday August 2nd from 1:20 PM - 2:10 PM at Dèjá Vu Martini Lounge
Friday August 2nd from 4:55 PM - 5:45 PM at Copper Rock Coffee Company
Saturday August 3rd from 12:05 PM - 12:55 PM at Copper Rock Coffee Company
Saturday August 3rd from 9:25 PM - 10:05 PM at Jones Park - MAIN STAGE
Sunday August 4th from 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM at Spats - MAIN STAGE