Greywolf Run

Alternative Americana Rock & Roll

Greywolf Run was formed by in Neenah Wisconsin By Brothers Adam James and Ace Heindel. The Brothers have been writing and performing music together since the early 90's. Ace's Son Matt Heindel, and longtime friends, Jesse Paremski and Peter Carlson complete the Greywolf Run lineup. Greywolf Run has release two albums, “Echo Valley” in 2020 and “Blue Head Gold Heart” in 2021. Greywolf Run will record a third album this fall/winter. Greywolf Run’s Original sound can be described as a mix of Rock, Indie, Blues, and Americana, speaking from real life perspectives and experiences. Greywolf run enjoys performing their music throughout Northeast Wisconsin in both acoustic and electric formats.

Music Sampler

Artist Performances

Thursday August 4th from 7:30 PM - 8:20 PM at D2