Lilly Hiatt

Nashville, TN

"Gonna hang on a little bit longer, sleep well, work a little harder; put my faith in something I can't see," sings Lilly Hiatt on the title track of her third LP, “Trinity Lane.” It's a set of honest words from an album of personal truths; a collection of songs that take stock of where she's been, where she's going and the challenges she's weathered to get there. Produced by Michael Trent of Shovels & Rope, "Trinity Lane" is indeed about hanging on, working hard and keeping the faith, centered on songwriting that melds the observational with the confessional and never tries to follow any particular genre code. The guitar riffs are as Seattle as they are southern, the topics are modern as they are built on the past. East Nashville's "Trinity Lane" is where Hiatt lives, and it's a document of what lives inside her.

"There is a lot of hope in the album," says Hiatt about the follow-up to her sophomore LP, “Royal Blue.” "There is a lot of pain, but this album is a more mature response to that pain. It's taking responsibility of those emotions and realizing what they are. A little brighter perspective. It took some time to get there."

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Saturday August 4th from 12:45 PM - 1:35 PM at Washington Square - MAIN STAGE
Saturday August 4th from 6:05 PM - 6:55 PM at OuterEdge - MAIN STAGE