Luma Knotty

Green Bay, WI

Luma Knotty hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin, in what the group calls the "Wis-Coast.” The band members utilize their diverse musical backgrounds, from the Mexican/Texas border to the Minneapolis funk scene and back home to Northeastern Wisconsin, to shape their energetic styling and unique voice. While influenced by numerous musical categories and artists, it’s hard to pin down a specific genre or type of music to describe Luma Knotty. They combine funk, rock and reggae in what they term "reggae space-funk,” but you be the judge! Their debut single, “Give In,” has been showcased on 105.7 WAPL “Home Brewed” and is available for free download at Luma Knotty was recently awarded the 2019 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Award in the World/Reggae/Ska/Latin category. The group features Rasta Ryan on guitar and vocals, Hayden Pettit on drums, Luis J on keys and various guest musicians on bass.

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Artist Performances

Saturday August 3rd from 3:40 PM - 4:30 PM at Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley Courtyard