Precious Metals

Alternative Rock

Precious Metals is a solo endeavor led by Troy, NY singer-songwriter J Lee White, features a rolling cast of contributors. The band’s high energy alt-rock sound pulls from the early 2000s emo explosion and 2010s indie rock revival. White spent his early musical career as a part hardcore and experimental rock scene of Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs, later shifting to the pop rock sounds of Albany. Precious Metals is a true amalgamation of White’s experience in the bolstering Upstate NY music scene-of whose very members have joined him for this new 5-track project. White has spent the past year, drawing from his musical and life experiences, writing and recording Candid Chemicals. Laid down in the basements and bedrooms of the Capital Region, the project takes on the characteristic DIY grit of its local music scene and adds a bit of polish and shine. Precious Metals’ debut EP Candid Chemicals is set for release in summer 2022.

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