Sirsy is an indie pop-rock-folk duo with lots of heart, soul, & sass. Hailing from Upstate NY, Sirsy is known for their passionate, honest, heartfelt live performances. Playing more than 200 shows per year all over the US and Canada, Sirsy is fronted by singer-songwriter & drummer Melanie Krahmer (who also plays bass on a keyboard with her drumstick). Mel’s incredible voice is one of the most powerful and flexible voices you’ll ever hear. She also plays piano, melodica, and the occasional badass flute solo too. Mel's bandmate, husband, co-writer, & bestie is Rich Libutti. Rich masterfully plays a well-loved and road worn Rickenbacker through a pedal board full of vintage effects. Rich also plays bass (and at live shows often does it on a pedal board with his feet). These 2 multi-instrumentalists manage to sound like a full band and somehow do it all with big smiles on their faces. Sirsy plays both full on rock shows and stripped down acoustic shows. Their clever smart songs have more hooks than a tackle box, with lyrics that center around empowerment and resilience. Fans have supported the duo through the pandemic, their 11 records, and Mel's 2 bouts with cancer. So, every show is like a celebration for this couple and their fans. Come celebrate life with them! Sirsy has warmed stages for: Maroon 5, Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Train, Collective Soul, Cheap Trick, Lifehouse, Spindoctors, Blues Traveler, Patty Smyth and many more. Their songs have been featured on HBO, PBS, MTV, and on Showtime's hit TV show "Shameless". Their last several records were produced by Grammy-Winner Paul Q Kolderie. The Boston Globe calls Sirsy "the little band with the big sound" and the SXSW Music Blog says "Sirsy's not just a 2 piece but a head scratching WOW!" "SIRSY is your favorite band, you just don’t know it yet." – Rochester City Newspaper. “Songs with more hooks than tackle box. Melanie has one of the most powerful and flexible voices you’ll ever hear”. – Times Union, Albany NY “SIRSY is NOT simply a two piece, they are a head scratching, WOW! The guitarist is flawless and just edgy enough to make you grin. The lead singer/drummer is stunning.” – SXSW Music Blog, Austin TX

Artist Performances

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Friday August 4th from 9:00 PM - 9:20 PM at
Saturday August 5th from 1:40 PM - 2:30 PM at
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