The End of America (TEOA)

Alternative Americana Rock & Roll

TEOA (The End of America) is James Downes, Trevor Leonard, and Brendon Thomas: a band of friends who met on the road and found a kindred spirit in one another. The Philadelphia/Connecticut/New Hampshire-based trio credit their name to Kerouac’s On The Road, traveling in search of inspiration, reaching “the end of America, no more land, and now there was nowhere to go but back.” On their new full-length, 'Night Is Alive' (named BEST ALT-COUNTRY on NO DEPRESSION'S '2021 Best of Everything List') TEOA weaves three distinct lead vocals into captivating harmonies over a solid foundation of folk, rock and Americana. Songwriting Magazine UK writes, “(TEOA’s) classic songwriting and tight harmonies provide a perfect antidote and an example of what’s possible through collaboration and unity.”

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