The Wealthy West

Memphis, TN

The Wealthy West (the solo moniker for The Rocketboys’ frontman Brandon Kinder) sings songs that fully encapsulate someone who has chosen to step away from the comfortable, from his friends and from easy relationships, in an attempt to figure out his place in life. Musically, The Wealthy West sits between the storied troubadours of the 60s and modern solo artists like Bon Iver and Father John Misty. There is a gritty quality to his delicate voice – with just enough pain hidden behind fragile beauty to keep the listener guessing.

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Artist Performances

Thursday August 1st from 7:10 PM - 8:00 PM at Stone Arch Brewpub Tap Room
Friday August 2nd from 3:15 PM - 4:05 PM at Jim's Place
Friday August 2nd from 7:45 PM - 8:35 PM at Lou's Brew Cafe & Lounge
Saturday August 3rd from 2:05 PM - 2:55 PM at Mondo! Wine Bar & Retail
Sunday August 4th from 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM at Dr. Jekyll's