The mission of Mile of Music’s Music Education Team is to help all people unleash their inner musician in order to build a community of active music explorers, music makers, and music lovers. We are committed to providing dynamic music-making opportunities for people on the Mile to set them on a path of discovering and developing their musical selves.

At Mile of Music, people don’t just hear the music, they are the music!

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Stories That Sing (Ages 0-10)Friday @ The Grove, Saturday @ Jones Park Tent

Watch, listen, and interact with our lively musician storytellers as they bring our picture books to life with song, dance and tons of fun!


Ukulele! – Friday and Saturday @ Heid Music
The sounds of Hawai’i in Appleton! Come learn how the ukulele can change your life. No experience necessary. Within 50 minutes you will learn to play the ukulele and enough chords to play over 3000 popular songs. If you have your own instrument, bring it! If you don’t, there will be some ukes available at the workshop.

Musical Patterns – Friday @ The Grove
Come discover the magic of musical patterns through movement, instruments, and games. (All ages – bring the whole family!)


Ghanaian Dancing and DrummingFriday and Saturday @ P.A.C. Thrivent Hall, Friday and Sunday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
Come dance and drum with us in a powerful, highly rhythmic style from Ghana – led by master Ghanaian musician Nani Agbeli! You will learn dances that move in response to the Ewe drum language. The best part is that it is exhilarating and fun for people of all ages and experience levels. 

Instrument Building – Friday @ Heid Music
Let’s explore the sound of positivity together! Come create a sound sculpture or instrument that embodies a positive emotion, turning an abstract feeling into a physical object. How might you create an acoustic representation of your experience of emotions like joy, hope, excitement, fun, and peace? You will create your own piece to take home so you can revisit your creation any time you need help shifting your focus to feelings of joy and peace. Bring your creativity and openness to this hands-on, deep listening event. (All ages – bring the whole family!)

Indian Dance Workshop: Bharatnatyam – Friday and Saturday @ P.A.C. Thrivent Hall
Come dance Bharatnatyam! Bharatnatyam is a traditional classical dance from South India. In this holistic workshop, you will learn some of the basic steps and the rich, cultural history behind them.


Hip-Hop Workshop with Sonu – Friday and Saturday @ Heid Music
You have a voice – let’s hear it! Hip hop is musical poetry. Join an open sharing space and realize your inner-artistry as you craft your own vibe. In this workshop, we will write and create music based on whatever comes to us in the moment. No matter the level of your experience with hip hop, performer and educator Sonu will guide you on your journey to discovering and sharing your untapped musical potential.

Los Ritmos de Mariachi (The Rhythms of Mariachi) – Friday and Saturday @ P.A.C. Thrivent Hall
Have you heard of the Mexican Hat Dance? Now’s your chance to move, dance and experience the driving rhythms of Mariachi music. Come fill in the missing role of the armonia section and learn how this vital, rhythmic-section of the Mariachi ensemble is the driving force to Mexico’s most popular music. Become a member of the MET Mariachi Ensemble and be part of bringing Mariachi to the Valley!

Collaborative SongMaking with B. Lilly – Friday and Saturday @ Heid Music
Lyrics, harmonies, melodies, and rhythm are a few core elements that make a song. Which element are you most drawn to? Come witness the power of music through collaboration and community building.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop – Friday @ Heid Music

Learn or improve your skills on one of the most versatile musical instruments – acoustic guitar! Beginners to intermediate players welcome. Bring your own guitar or play one of ours!


Balinese Gamelan: Gongs, Drums and Metallophones – Friday and Sunday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
Curious about what kind of music Raya might hear in Kumandra? Learn to play music from Bali, one of the cultural inspirations for Raya and the Last Dragon. Patterns played on ornate percussion instruments interlock to create a mesmerizing, shimmering sound that has found a home here in Appleton! (All ages – bring the whole family!)



String Band Jam (Intermediate/Advanced) – Friday @ Heid Music
Grab your string instrument and come on down to the Mile 9 String Band Jam. We’ll be focusing on a Scottish Tune called Pigeon on the Gate! Fiddles, violas, cellos, mandolins, ukuleles, bass, washboards… you name it!


Indonesian Angklung: Bamboo Rattle Ensemble – Friday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
The angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo from Indonesia. Bamboo tubes attached to a frame shake from side to side to make a beautiful sound. Each angklung has its own number or note, and the players work together in community to create their own melody. 


Music As Self-Care: Creative Acoustics – Saturday @ P.A.C. Atrium
Time to de-stress through sound exploration. Relax into healing grooves as we fill the PAC with the sounds of bells, drums, and didjeridus.


Animal Improv (Ages 0-10) – Saturday @ Jones Park Tent
If you were a puppy, what kind of music would you make? How about if you were an elephant?! Bring your creativity, animal knowledge, and musical ideas to this session, where we’ll use instruments and our bodies to create our own original pieces of music.


Make Some Noise! (Ages 3-8) – Saturday @ Jones Park Tent
Ready to explore the art of making sound effects? Become a Foley artist for the day! Bring picture books to life by transforming materials at our Foley Bar into whizzes, whooshes, and bangs! Geared for music makers aged 3-8 and their families.

Creating our Vision of The Rhythm: Inclusive Drum Circle – Saturday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
Join us in adding your perspective into our collective vision of the rhythm, creating music together through an all-inclusive drum circle led by music and art therapists. 


Songwriting with Wade Fernandez – Saturday @ Heid Music
Join award-winning songwriter and performing artist Wade Fernandez and learn how to bring your own songs to life. Be part of a creative space cultivated by this master multi-instrumentalist where you can embrace and express your own story through song.

Afro-Cuban Drumming and Dance – Saturday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
With roots in the complex rhythms of West Africa and melodic influences coming from Spain, Afro-Cuban traditions are exciting, vibrant, and will make you want to sing and dance. 


Folk Jam – Saturday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
Come one, come all to the Mile 9 Folk Jam! Whether you play melody, chords, rhythm, or sing, we’ll all learn different parts to an easy folk tune, then come back together for an EPIC JAM. All instruments, voices and levels welcome!

Brazilian Samba Drumming (Ages 10+) – Saturday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
Come and groove with us in this powerful aural drumming tradition from Brazil. No drumming experience necessary! Learn about and play the different “voices” of the bateria – or samba band – that combine to stir the soul and make you want to move. (Ages 10-adult)

Uke Jam (Intermediate/Advanced) – Sunday @ Lawrence Conservatory Green
The sounds of Hawai’i in Appleton – for intermediate & advanced players! Come jam with a professional ukulele ensemble and become part of the band. If you have your own instrument, bring it! If you don’t, there will be some ukes available at the workshop.

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