The mission of Mile of Music’s Music Education Team is to help all people unleash their inner musician in order to build a community of active music explorers, music makers, and music lovers. We are committed to providing dynamic music-making opportunities for people on the Mile to set them on a path of discovering and developing their musical selves.

At Mile of Music, people don’t just hear the music, they are the music!

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Inclusive Community Drum Circle with Expressive Therapies
Join us in making music as a community! This inclusive drum circle is offered for all ages and population – it is a time to create music and to release stress! Join us for part or all of this music-making opportunity and you’ll leave with a smile on your face!



Mile of Music Sing-Along
A Mile of Music tradition – come sing with us and lift up your voice! Join Mile 7 artists and Appleton community members to celebrate the music of our community.


pBone Jam
No experience necessary to jam out on these plastic, brightly colored “brass” instruments! Come and learn how to play pTrombones, pTrumpets, and more! Then join the rest of the band at the Funk Band Jam!



Beginning Ballet for All Ages with Makaroff School of Dance!
Always wanted to learn Ballet but never had the chance? Well, now’s your chance! Makaroff School of Ballet is delighted to share this classic art form with people of all ages! Everyone can dance Ballet!



Stories That Sing
Watch, listen, and interact with our lively musician storytellers as they bring our picture books to life with song, dance and a ton of fun! Designed for kids ages 2-7 and their families.



Brazilian Samba Drumming
Come and groove with us in this powerful aural drumming tradition from Brazil! No drumming experience necessary! Learn about and play the different “voices” of the bateria – or samba band – that combine to stir the soul and make you want to move!



Balinese Gamelan
Immerse yourself in this unique musical tradition from Bali, Indonesia that has made a home here in Appleton! Patterns played on ornate percussion instruments interlock to create a mesmerizing, shimmering sound.



Ghanaian Drumming and Dance
Come dance and drum with us in a powerful, highly rhythmic style from Ghana! You will learn dances called Gahu and Tokoe that move in response to the Ewe drum language. The best part of this is that it is exhilarating and fun for people of all ages and experience levels.



Gumboot dance evolved from a form of communication used by the South African miners, using their rain boots, hands, and legs. This communication grew into a dance form that became competitive among mining companies. Come and learn some steps to this rhythmically powerful and meaningful dance form!

Didjeridu Workshop
Learn to play the Australian aboriginal didjeridu! A universe of sounds, all from a log hollowed out by termites. All welcome, no experience needed, didjeridus provided.



Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Learn or improve your skills on one of the most versatile musical instruments – acoustic guitar! Beginners to intermediate players welcome. Bring your own guitar or play one of ours!



Funk Band Jam with Porky’s Groove Machine
Bring your instrument! Otherwise we’ve got some for you! Get your funk on with Mile of Music’s very own Porky’s Groove Machine! Learn grooves by ear and funk it up. Beginners to George Clinton welcome!



B. Lilly: Songwriting and Performance Workshop
Join rising soul-singing artist B. Lilly for his songwriting workshop and meet a side of yourself you didn’t know existed. In the words of B. Lilly, “Come with an open mind and watch your soul take care of the rest.”




Ukulele Workshop
The sounds of Hawaii in Appleton! No experience necessary, but if you have your own instrument, bring it! There will also be some ukes available at the workshop.



Have you ever wondered what German polka and Mexican Mariachi music have in common? Now’s your chance! This unique combination of instruments and voices is a defining feature of the music of Mexico. Bring your own instrument (internal or external!) and explore this vibrant tradition first hand! Featuring Appleton’s own Mariachi Jabalí.


Afro-Cuban Drumming and Singing
With roots in the complex rhythms of West Africa and melodic influences coming from Spain, Afro-Cuban traditions are exciting, vibrant, and will make you want to sing and dance.


Indonesian Angklung Workshop: Bamboo Rattle Ensemble
The angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo from Indonesia. It consists of two to four bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. Each angklung has its own number. The angklung players need to work together to create a beautiful melody. When people play the angklung for the first time they will hold one angklung and then they can play more than one angklung by themselves.

Wade Fernandez: Menominee Culture, Music and Native American Flute
Menominee Music and Culture: International, award-winning singer-songwriter, Wade Fernandez, teaches us how to play the Native American Flute! Come and learn how to play, and learn about the culture and musical arts of the Menominee people!



Dances of India: Bharathanatyam Dance
Come dance Bharatnatyam! Bharatnatyam is a traditional classical dance from South India. In this holistic workshop, given by AUM Arts founder Lavanyaa Surendar, you will learn some of the basic steps and the rich, cultural history behind them! The vision of AUM is to develop a happy community through Social Intellectual Mental & Physical Learning (SIMPLe) using arts. Through years of practicing and researching the beauty and science of Asian Indian art forms (including YOGA forms), Lavanyaa Surendar started AUM in 2015 to spread and learn more on the positive impact of arts to the society

Hip-Hop Writing and Performance Workshop
Join hip-hop artist and teacher Corey Torres for this judgment-free workshop and discover your inner poet, write your own rhymes, and set them to hip-hop beats. In the words of Corey, aka Knowledge, “Come vibe and connect with the art of writing hip hop music. We all have the eye of an artist, but not all get a chance to experience it.”


Bounces, Wiggles and Tickles
Head over to the Building For Kids with your little one for a workshop full of grins and giggles. Playful rhymes, songs and action games will excite and engage your toddler (and you too!). Siblings are welcome but encouraged to stay near a caretaker as this area of the Building for Kids is intended for music-makers under the age of 3.

Jazz Workshop
Bring your instrument (internal or external) and play! Join noted jazz educator Patty Darling in this action-packed, creative session exploring the world of sound!



Dances of India: Kathak Dance
Experience the Indian classical dance form of Kathak in this workshop led by contemporary Indian dance performer, choreographer, and educator Anindita Neoga Anaam. Learn the combination of simple footwork, pirouettes, and elegant hand gestures that make up this unique dance style.

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