Anna Rose


Anna Rose is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has been making her mark on the music industry for more than a decade. Raw and unfiltered, Anna puts her passion for music into everything she creates and does so in a myriad of roles – from artist and performer to songwriter, label head and producer. With a sound described as “bluesy rock-n-roll” by Paper Magazine, Anna Rose is walking, singing proof that big things most definitely come in small packages. Her 2019 release, a full-length album titled The Light Between, produced by Grammy-nominated Paul Moak, brought some incredible highs. The first single, Nobody Knows I’m Here, was on the NBC smash hit, This Is Us. Anna also saw a return to larger festival stages such as Pilgrimage Festival and CMA Fest, as well as tours both headlining and supporting artists such as Paul Cauthen and the late, great Justin Townes Earle. The album also garnered support from publications such as Billboard, Paste, Relix and American Songwriter, who declared that Anna “has built a reputation and following with her soulful vocals and raw sound.” In addition to her work as a solo artist and songwriter (both for herself and other artists or film/tv), she is proud to be a member of the Resistance Revival Chorus, a collective of more than 60 women and non-binary members who come together to sing songs in the spirit of inclusive joy and resistance. Anna also collaborates on several side projects, including her band Early Zeros with guitarist/producer Greg Mayo, and with her father, composer Alan Menken. Anna is distinctly passionate about giving back, both through music and service work. She often works with Green Chimneys, Daniel’s Music Foundation and MILE (Music Is Love Exchange), and is a devoted volunteer at various animal rescues and homeless shelters around the country.

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