Mutual respect and cooperation are vital to Mile of Music being a great experience for all.

Every participant – including artists, volunteers, staff, sponsors and attendees – is entitled to an experience free of discrimination and harassment, both at the Festival and at all related Mile of Music events throughout the year.

We share this message with you with the understanding that all of us working together to create a harassment-free environment for our artists and fans shouldn’t have to be a policy… it’s an expectation and a right. We ask that YOU help us build a community of respect around each-and-every music event so the amazing reputation Appleton has received for staging remarkable shows encompasses the way we treat each person.

Mile of Music was created to bring original artisan music experiences to Appleton that are affordable and accessible for all. But it’s also about creating an incredible vibe that our community can be proud of, about inspiring a unique feeling that only comes with bringing people together to enjoy music and celebrate the creativity of artists. This can only be accomplished in a safe environment.

Our harassment-free policy is intended to support and protect everyone on the basis of age, sex, abilities, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, religion, language, class or political belief. We encourage everyone who attends Mile of Music events to treat all others with respect, to be aware of what’s happening around them, and to look out for each other.

NOTE: Harassment may be more obvious, as in the form of language via slurs or derogatory/degrading comments, aggressive, threatening, intimidating or violent behavior/actions, or in the form of non-consensual physical contact. But it can also be less obvious, as in actions or words that create an uncomfortable or unwelcome situation for another attendee. Harassment or inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

Anyone who experiences harassment or confrontation at a Mile of Music event – or witnesses such – should contact an event volunteer or staff person (identifiable by their t-shirts and/or badges) immediately so the proper assistance and response can be initiated.

Our message is a simple but very important one: Let’s respect one another so we can all enjoy the music TOGETHER.