Calvin Arsenia


Calvin Arsenia is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. He first gained widespread recognition for his soulful vocals and virtuosic classical harp playing, which he often incorporates into his live performances. In addition to his solo work, Arsenia has collaborated with a variety of artists across genres and has performed at numerous festivals and venues around the world. He is known for his heartfelt and introspective lyrics, which often touch on themes of love, loss, and personal growth. Arsenia's music has been described as a blend of folk, pop, and R&B, and he continues to push the boundaries of these genres with his innovative and genre-defying sound.

Artist Performances

Thursday August 3rd from 7:35 PM - 8:25 PM at Lawrence Memorial Chapel
Friday August 4th from 5:50 PM - 6:40 PM at Hilton Paper Valley Empire Listening Room
Saturday August 5th from 10:30 AM - 11:20 AM at Copper Rock Coffee Listening Room
Saturday August 5th from 2:40 PM - 3:30 PM at The 513 Listening Room Sponsored by Bose
Saturday August 5th from 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM at Fox Cities P.A.C. Thrivent Financial Hall
Sunday August 6th from 3:10 PM - 4:00 PM at Lawrence University Harper Hall Listening Room