North Wind and The Sun

Blues Rock

North Wind and The Sun is blues-roots driven rock trio fronted by singer/guitarist “Texas Butter” Todd Balke, powered by the drums of Brook Storey Stermer, and filled out by the bass of Aaron Jankowski. All 3 are based in Oshkosh, Wi. Piecing together a couple of chords with a repetitive bluesy riff over a strong backbeat and meaty bass line; most of the songs are forged from old blues, rock, soul, folk, and country classics. Lyrically, the themes are often autobiographical but veiled with cliches of angst, love, and other internal struggles. Sonically, everything is straight forward, nothing fancy. The guitar riffs are never completely clean, the riffs and changes feel familiar, the beats and bass pull everything together while pushing the songs ahead. In early 2019, Brook and Todd used an old portastudio to record 6 of their original songs in the basement for a demo/EP released on YouTube. During the fall of 2020, they released a single with a music video, shot and recorded in a cold garage by Aaron Jankowski before joining the group. The trio has been putting together a mixture of songs that range from acoustic folk to thumping riff-rock for an eventual full length album and plans to play live wherever people will come and listen.

Artist Performances

Thursday August 3rd from 10:10 PM - 11:00 PM at
Saturday August 5th from 5:50 PM - 6:40 PM at