Sleepy Gaucho


Sleepy Gaucho follows in the great American artistic tradition that is the rambler’s drawl. His Panamerican influenced folk music offers up a cocktail of wry existentialism and mellow introspection that floats somewhat aimlessly in a realm of its own. Born in Wisconsin while also growing up some time in Argentina, the young multi-instrumentalist’s music can at times be melancholic, at others ethereal, but always agreeable. Since returning to his hometown of Milwaukee, he began the creative process for the two latest recording projects. For his sophomore record "Morning Light" he strayed away from the first record's approach, recruiting the likes of veterans such as Patrick Sansone of Wilco and fellow talent ranging from local friends and Nashville session musicians, which releaed via Milwaukee based Hear Here Records in the middle of 2020. "Sueños que Sobran" ("Leftover dreams" in English), finds itself being a smooth fusion of sound and language, both English and Spanish, and is to be enjoyed by both languages and their cultures. The EP released via French label Nice Guys in 2021. Press "His music is of the psych-folk strand that, while plausibly described as hazy and sunny, nonetheless has an underlying and alluring sense of mystery to it" - Line of Best Fit "The lyrics are hazy and ambiguous, resulting in a dreamlike and slightly melancholic feel to the album that leaves the precise interpretation of meaning firmly in the hands of the listener" - Americana UK "One of the most beautiful songwriters in our city" - Radio Milwaukee

Artist Performances

Saturday August 5th from 1:50 PM - 2:40 PM at Gibson Community Music Hall
Sunday August 6th from 12:10 PM - 1:00 PM at McFleshman's Brewing Co.