The Brevet

Alternative Americana Rock & Roll

Nestled in between Los Angeles and San Diego lies Orange County, CA: a culturally, economically, and environmentally diverse community with an identity all of its own. The Brevet, hailing from the heart of Orange County, continues to create an ever-evolving sound that pushes stylistic boundaries. Just as Orange County is home to snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, and bustling city centers, The Brevet’s alternative rock sound draws authentically from folk, surf, and R&B influence, but doesn’t shy away from thundering rhythms, blistering guitars and progressive synths. While earlier releases “Battle of the Heart” and “American Novel” presented more cinematic, folk-esque offerings, The Brevet (consisting of Aric Damm [frontman], John Kingsley [guitar, utility] and David Aguiar [drums, percussion]) issued an emphatic statement with 2018’s “LEGS”, An acronym for “Like Every Great Story”. Damm’s mature and thematic lyricism and songwriting continued to develop alongside an unquestionably rock and roll sound, bolstered by Kingsley and Aguiar. In support of LEGS, the band toured incessantly from 2017-2019, performing both headlining and direct support slots at clubs, festivals, and anywhere in between. Since 2019, The Brevet has been working to develop new material based on an explosion of creativity from Damm. “We got off the road for a while, and I just basically locked myself in a room and wrote,” Damm says. After spending several weeks in a studio in Newport Beach, CA, Damm, Kingsley, and Aguiar fleshed out the raw demos and did what they’ve always done: draw from their own individual influences and collaborated to create something as diverse and dynamic as their hometown. Heavy guitars, globally influenced rhythms, and healthy doses of pedal steel, piano, banjo, and strings propel The Brevet into their next chapter. “It’s definitely a rock record,” says Damm, “but as always, everything in there is unquestionably us. We’re proud of where we’ve been, where we’re from, and who we are, and are incredibly excited to share what’s next with the rest of the world.”

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