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Mile’s New Music Roundup: October

Posted Nov 4, 2020

While 2020 has shaken our world and life is not even near “normal” yet, one thing that’s been keeping us going is music! Specifically, the music of our Mile artists (of course). Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a plethora of new content from Mile alumni…so it sparked an idea – Mile’s New Music Roundup!

Enjoy our October roundup!

  • LASKA (Mile 5 & 7) – Grandma Curly: This Minneapolis-based sister trio’s newest tune is about their maternal grandmother. This one is sure to stick in your head!

‘Grandma Curly’ Spotify
‘Grandma Curly’ YouTube

Circular Thing is Caleb Hawley’s latest album and it’s full of stories – all jam-packed into an energetic 30-minute album!

‘Circular Thing’ Spotify

The lively song has a great video, too! The video highlights some memories from time spent on the road. It’ll have you right in your live music ‘feels’!

‘Already Won’ YouTube

Nashville’s Szlachetka released “Old Soul” in early October, along with a new video. This soothing tune would be great during a fall Sunday drive!

‘Old Soul’ YouTube

‘Old Soul’ Spotify

Phillip-Michael submitted this song for the 2019 NPR Tiny Desk Concert. The song is a reflection of the comments he’s heard as a Black man, and as a Black artist. In a description for the song, Phillip-Michael says,  “My goal has always been to challenge and comfort both myself and my audience, in hopes of giving us all a little more space to feel what we need to in order to grow.”

‘Tell Me How I Sound Again’ Spotify

Bartees Strange has had a big couple of months! From gaining applause from people a lot cooler than most (Ryan Reynolds, Hayley Williams) to a feature in Rolling Stone, we are so excited to see Bartees gaining some well-deserved recognition. If you haven’t yet, take a listen to his debut album, Live Forever.

‘Live Forever’ Spotify

New Mexico-based duo Flagship Romance has been busy creating in a multitude of different ways during this uncertain period. Their latest creation is a powerful song and video called “This Land.”

‘This Land’ Spotify

‘This Land’ YouTube

This one-man-band just released his newest single “And Then There Was Fire” in September, and has now followed up with TWO new songs – “Black Holes and Overdoses” and “Can’t Look Away” – off of his upcoming album. Matt Lorenz (the man behind The Suitcase Junket) describes “Can’t Look Away” as a “future memoir.” As for “Black Holes and Overdoses,” Matt shared that the song’s inspiration came from watching the news, where it seemed that every story was either about an overdose or a black hole.

‘Black Holes and Overdoses’ Spotify

‘Can’t Look Away’ Spotify

The Suitcase Junket YouTube

Wisconsin’s Bascom Hill released “Put It Out,” a new song and video to support their hometown of Kenosha. The song speaks to the social and political unrest of this time. Bascom Hill notes that, “this song is about approaching one another with love.” The video encourages viewers to donate towards rebuilding efforts in Kenosha, where damage Is estimated at $50 million.

‘Put it Out’ Video

Back in September, this Nashville-duo released a new tune, “Kids These Days.” They’re following that up with a single and video for “Even.”

Looking ahead, things won’t be slowing down for these two! They’ll play a special virtual show at iVoted Festival on Election Day, November 3, which features a TON of other artists you already know and love. Plus, we might be getting a new record from these two soon… you heard it here first.

‘Even’ YouTube 

‘Even’ Spotify

  • Cut Worms (Mile 5) – Nobody Lives Here Anymore

Brooklyn’s Cut Worms released a 17-track album and it’s an excellent listen during a time when a new album might be what you need to soothe your soul.

‘Nobody Lives Here Anymore’ Spotify

Sway Wild just released a new song with Anna Tivel (Rhythms & Brews alum) on violin! The duo shared that the song was originally written after the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, and is now dedicated to all who have been affected by gun violence. 20% of proceeds from the song will be donated to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America/Everytown for Gun Safety.

‘As it Was’ Spotify

‘As it Was’ YouTube

With nearly 800 Mile alumni, we do our best to keep up with everyone. If you know a Mile alumni is coming out with new music, give us a heads up!

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