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A series of sunny photos to make you forget it’s -2° in Appleton currently… 🥶☀️📸: @GrahamImages#MileOfMusic https://t.co/D0aOBXvGyp
Jan 10
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@outsidechild13 - I CANNOT WAIT to see Allison Russell at the Stoughton Opera House in February, 2022. I’ve seen BI… https://t.co/a5HGgMAkB4
Dec 27
John Gunnell @gunnellAP
@pogirl - CANNOT WAIT to see Allison Russell at the Stoughton Opera House in February, 2022. I’ve seen BIRDS OF CHI… https://t.co/gzSOB15yN6
Dec 18
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Thanks to the @PostCrescent for featuring the #MileOfMusic Holiday Pop-Up Shop! The store is open tonight (Friday)… https://t.co/r3vrGWfCT9
Dec 3
Michele Winkler @berniewink
Chestnut Grove Mile of Music RECAP DAYS 3/4/5 https://t.co/XRn2kKZeFV via @YouTube #MileOfMusic #Recap… https://t.co/VLhZ3FmbVB
Oct 31
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Spooky Season. 👻🎃 Happy Halloween, Mile fans!☠️ cred: @sitkittysitband 📷: Chicken Or The Egg Photography… https://t.co/VjeLj3XXyH
Oct 31
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It’s hard to have more fun than an evening with the Haus. #mileofmusichttps://t.co/JbE4C3mbic
Oct 17
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We can’t be the only ones missing these sweet summertime jams on a dreary fall day…right? #MileOfMusic📷 Fahrenho… https://t.co/pe5KvZZDte
Oct 7
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A slice of home with every sip. ☕️ It’s #NationalCoffeeDay and we are celebrating with our #MileOfMusic map mug! Po… https://t.co/u2RiPEHTR4
Sep 29
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Soak up these summer nights and head to @bmmglass this Thursday 9/16 for Art after Dark - a FREE event featuring… https://t.co/uAoEMA9hdR
Sep 14
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Here's part of God, Country, Grave from @MileOfMusicFest. The whole song is on my YouTube, and you can watch this w… https://t.co/4Ch9N0PHlH
Sep 5
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
@MileOfMusicFest was beautiful; grateful to play my songs for such a sweet audience. Here's a clip of Clear Black N… https://t.co/VEQJXlWXYV
Sep 4
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Did you miss your chance at #MileOfMusic merch during Mile 8? Shop our online store today! 🎵👕 Shop now:… https://t.co/IYwjXeZFMq
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Just 352 days to go...but who's counting? 🎶 Join us August 4-7, 2022! #MileOfMusic https://t.co/nejS8J79GM
Aug 17
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Announcing the first ever #MileofMusic "Awards":Most Likely to Open for Guns and Roses in the Next Two Years - @kentuckyruckus 🎶🤘🏆
Aug 12
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Getting a chance to listen to Buffalo Nichols and Mike Maimone reminded me that music also gives a voice to the opp… https://t.co/qU0vS36IAa
Aug 10
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Paul Childers creating the vibe at #MileofMusic this past weekend. @ChildersPaul 😎🎶 https://t.co/wJRA4pKRij
Aug 10
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We had a very turtly time at @mileofmusicfest this past weekend. Thank you so much for having us 💚🐢💚 #mileofmusic… https://t.co/7WofbnB1CC
Aug 9
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We love seeing the hearing protection process in action! We hope these artists and venue workers love their new cus… https://t.co/F1oiDXUEur
Aug 9
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
Thank you @MileOfMusicFest, that was a blast! Playing in Galena tonight, back for @stonearchbrew Tuesday! 📸 Chicken… https://t.co/UiD25utNO5
Aug 9
RogerStreet Friedman @rsfmusic
Band on the run! We love @MileOfMusicFest!! Hope to see y’all next year! #mileofmusic https://t.co/UOMqLNVSw6
Aug 9
Mike Maimone + Mutts @wearemutts
Today felt really good. Thanks @MileOfMusicFest. I'm going to post this whole set on my @Patreon asap, link in bio.… https://t.co/KI1MdRxwL7
Aug 9

New Year’s Encore Eve Event Update!

Posted Dec 23, 2021
We wanted to share with you an important update about the location of the New Year’s Encore Eve event and the health protocol that is being added to the event in light of the significant spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant in our region. After consulting with local health officials from the City of Appleton and our largest local hospital and healthcare provider, ThedaCare, about the availability of hospital beds and the rise of this new variant, we believe it is the responsible thing to do to move the location of the event from the Red Lion Hotel to Gibson Community Music Hall, where stronger protocol is in place that requires vaccination status or proof of negative test within 72 hours of the event. This will be the safest alternative, currently, for protecting artists and attendees alike, as well as staff and volunteers working the event.
Our health care officials were clear in their discussions with us that ICU hospital beds are at or near capacity. Having a smaller event where protocols are in place was endorsed by these providers and also has the support of the Red Lion Hotel as well. We have made this change of venue in full collaboration with the hotel and with the support of our valued local health officials and providers, who point out that the peak of this variant’s surge is likely to arrive between Christmas and New Year’s and into the first half of January. Each of the performing artists, as well as our sound/production crew, is in agreement with the move and each remains committed to a great show at Gibson.
Please note that all of the “New Year’s Encore” features as originally planned and announced will continue over at Gibson – champagne toast, chocolate and coffee station, prize wheel, Auld Lang Syne march and sing-along, and more! The show will continue as scheduled from 8 p.m. to just after midnight (with one final encore/celebration song after midnight to close the show). The Phillip-Michael Scales Band along with Kyle Megna & The Brass Monsoons and Tae & the Neighborly are all set to play and they’ll all sound awesome in ringing in the new year at Gibson.
The half-price admission for Music-Makers still applies, and if you’re a Music-Maker, double check your email for your promo code. Additionally, if you already purchased tickets for the show, you should have also received a separate email about the venue change.


The team at Gibson also wanted us to pass along to you that pricing for the evening for beverages and specialty drinks will not be raised simply because it’s New Year’s Eve…they will continue to offer their typical affordable pricing for beers, cocktails and spirits.

Quick Event Information

What: Mile of Music Presents: New Year’s Encore Eve
Who: Phillip-Michael Scales (Host and Performing Artist), Kyle Megna & The Brass Monsoons (Performing Artist) and Tae & The Neighborly (Performing Artist)
Where: New Location – Gibson Community Music Hall (211 W. College Ave, Appleton)
When: December 31, 2021 into 2022! The show begins at 8:00pm, and will end with an ‘Auld Lang Syne’ sing-along with the bands at midnight!
Cost: $30 (General Admission), $15 (Music-Makers with code – sent via email)
Purchase Tickets Here Today!
Other: As a reminder, Gibson Community Music Hall is requiring proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or proof of negative test within 72 hours of the start of any event for fans, artists and staff.

Cheers to 2022!

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