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Inclusive Community Drum Circle with Sara Devine of Expressive Therapies
Rhythm: in our heartbeat, our walking gait, and our speaking rate, rhythm flows throughout all of us! Join our recreational community drum circle that is bound to relieve stress, create energy, cause laughter and be an opportunity for families and friends to have a great time connecting with each other and those around you!  A drum circle brings people together in a unique rhythmic experience that transcends barriers through its spontaneous, fun, and creative style. All ages and abilities are encouraged to join us – we have adaptive instruments if needed and we have an instrument for everyone to be able to participate in the fun! We will provide a variety of percussion instruments, but feel free to bring your own if you desire!

Grace’s Sidewalk Symphony
Children will participate in (and create) a sidewalk chalk musical composition. Flashcards, with notes, will be distributed throughout the day. Each interested child will be instructed to color the same note from the card onto the sidewalk musical staff in any way they wish. At the end of their work, they will receive a copy of The Musical Adventures of Grace storybook and coloring sheet that they can have more fun with at home.

The Great Mile 5 Sing Along
A yearly tradition on the Conservatory Green! Led by the great guitarist, banjo player, and singer Jim Heiks, and accompanied by a talented group of musicians and voices from the Lawrence Academy Girl Choir and New Voices, come and join us in a multi-generational sing along! We all have songs we’ve known our entire lives that bring us back to a place of peace and joy! Let us sing together! Song booklets provided!

pBone Funzone
One of the family-favorite workshops from Mile 4! Anyone can learn to play trombone in less than 30 minutes. No experience necessary. Some pTrumpets will also be available. Everyone is invited to play at the following Brass Band Funk Jam.

Mini-Mile of Music
Songs, dancing and music games for our little ones ages 0-3, part of The Building For Kids FREE Day!

Ballet Workshop with Makaroff Youth Ballet
Participate in a traditional ballet class with live piano accompaniment! You will hear Liam Mayo, our skilled pianist, play his original compositions as the dancers from Makaroff Youth Ballet demonstrate the artistry and athleticism of ballet. Then, we welcome you to participate in a ballet class with Liam at the piano. Workshop will take place at Makaroff School of Ballet’s studio, located below the green awning on Walnut Street across from the Fox Cities P.A.C.

There will be two sessions, one for ages 4-7 and another for ages 8-14. SCHEDULE: Friday, August 4 – 1:00 pm (ages 4-7) and 2:00 pm (ages 8-14).

Stories That Sing
Watch, listen and interact with our lively storytellers as they bring our picture books to life with song, dance and a ton of fun! For kids ages 4-7. Saturday’s Stories That Sing will be a part of The Building For Kids FREE Day!

Brazilian Samba Drumming
Come and groove with us in this powerful, aural drumming tradition from Brazil! No drumming experience necessary! Learn about and play the different “voices of the bateria” ­– or samba band – that combine to stir the soul and make you want to move!

One of these workshops will cater to Teens and Adults who want to go a little deeper into playing Samba grooves. This workshop will allow participants to learn more about the drums and their purpose in the band, work on a drum pattern, learn calls and responses, and really feel connected and locked-in with the other players. No experience necessary, so come on out and feel the power of a Samba Bateria!

Balinese Gamelan
Music-making as a community at its best, this bronze gong and xylophone orchestra has a part for everyone! Experience the joyful and mesmerizing sound of Balinese instruments

Fiddle Workshop with Tim McIlree
Bring your ax and learn some old time, bluegrass, and folk tunes! For intermediate and advanced violin players, we will guide you through improvisational fiddle techniques, building both the player and music creator in you! 

Ghanaian Drumming and Dancing
Come and dance and drum with us in a powerful, highly rhythmic style from Ghana! You will learn dances called Gahu and Tokoe, that move in response to the Ewe drum language. The best part of this is that it is exhilarating and fun!

Gumboot dance evolved from a form of communication used by the South African miners, using their rain boots, hands, and legs. This communication grew into a dance form that became competitive among mining companies. Come and learn some steps to this rhythmically powerful and meaningful dance form!

Didjeridu Workshop with Brian Pertl
I bet you never knew how GOOD a termite hollowed log could sound? Well, it sounds amazing! Brian Pertl, Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory of Music, will take you through beginning didjeridu techniques not termite hollowed logs but plastic tubes to get you droning. Learn about the most amazing didj techniques the Aboriginal Australians have used for eons to create a powerful, rhythmic, and mystical sound. Instruments provided!

Deep Listening Walk
Start your day by exploring the most important musical instrument of all — your ears! In this session we will open our ears to all of the sonic wonders around us. We will listen to the world as if a composer wrote the music specifically for us to hear. Bring your open ears and mind.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Bring your guitar and work with Ilan Blanck on your strumming and picking skills. This workshop will be focused on advanced beginners or above.

Jazz Band Jam
Come join the Jazz Band Jam! Bring your instrument (all are welcome) and have fun learning jazz tunes by ear, reading easy classic big band charts, and improvising in a group setting. Play just a couple of tunes or stay and play the entire hour. All students and adults are welcome – drum kit, bass, piano and a guitar amp will be set up and ready for rhythm section players interested in participating. Open to Middle school students through adults who play an instrument.

Funk Band Jam
You remember that sax, trumpet, or trombone you used to play in high school? Grab your instrument and be a part of this super funky second line New Orleans style Funk Jam Band. Learn grooves by ear and funk it up. This was a huge hit last year and will be even better this time around! Beginners to George Clinton welcome!

Hip Hop with Corey Torres
Hip Hop artist, Corey Torres will help you discover your inner poet as you write your own rhymes and set them to hip hop beats. One of our biggest hits from Mile 5! In the words of Hip Hop artist Jose Corey Torres, a.k.a Knowledge, “Come vibe and connect with the art of writing hip hop music.” We all have the eye of an artist, but not all get a chance to experience it. This will be a judgement-free workshop open to ALL. By the time you leave this session, you will be well on your way to composing your own Hip Hop tune! Corey will be giving two separate workshops at Mile 5 venue Lou’s Brews to accommodate multiple age levels!

Ukulele Workshop
The sounds of Hawaii in Appleton! If you have your own instrument, bring it! There will also be some ukes available at the workshop.

Come explore the thrilling sounds of Mexico’s Mariachi Band. The unique combination of guitars, violins, trumpets, and voice is a defining feature of the music of Western Mexico. Now is your chance to explore this vibrant tradition first hand!

Afro-Cuban Drumming and Singing
With its roots in the complex rhythms of West Africa and melodic influences coming from Spain, Afro-Cuban traditions are exciting, vibrant and will make you want to sing and dance. So what are you waiting for?

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