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Wednesday's #MileofMusic Rhythms & Brews show with Frances Luke Accord and Pony Bradshaw at Riverview Gardens is canceled. #wiwx
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#MileofMusic has 5 shows coming up at OuterEdge, including @TheNatlParks, @MoLowda and @sarahpotenza: https://t.co/zTe9P7oOVJ
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#MileofMusic favorite and @corychisel buddy @robertellis_ will play the Howard in Oshkosh on March 27.
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February 23: Join Us For An Empowering Night of Roots Rock ‘n Roll!

Posted Feb 12, 2019

It’s no coincidence that Sarah Potenza’s latest album, Road to Rome, is set to come out on International Women’s Day (IWD) next month.

The epitome of a strong, fearless woman, Potenza wowed fans at Mile 6, and her new music is just as easy to get behind as it’s all about themes of self-love and self-acceptance (and sounds amazing to boot!). Lucky for us, she’s making a one-night stop in Wisconsin on February 23 as part of our Live! at the OuterEdge showcase series in Appleton – also featuring Beth Bombara and Sam Burchfield — to preview this collection of empowering songs.

Get a glimpse at why Potenza is such an inspiration to her fellow artists and fans as she takes the music industry by storm.

“I Work for Me”
Potenza explained that the first song on her new album isn’t just about being your own boss, but also believing in yourself when others doubt you because of their own lack of self-confidence. She told Rolling Stone the song is “my dedication to those who told me I wasn’t good enough.” On top of this powerful opening track, other songs on the album include “Who Do I Think I Am,” “Worthy” “I Believe” and “Happiness.”

BONUS: “I Work For Me” was also named a “Song You Need to Know” by Rolling Stone!

Loyal to Her Girl Squad
Branching out to do more solo work on this new album and her last, Potenza still appreciates the “it takes a village” approach. Road to Rome was produced by Jordan Brooke Hamlin (Indigo Girls, Lucy Wainwright Roche) and several female collaborators. Potenza says musical greats like Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill influenced her work.

Supporting Other Musicians
It’s a pretty big honor when you’re hand-picked by Melissa Etheridge to perform alongside several top-name female artists in a much-anticipated concert event. Shortly after releasing her album on IWD, Potenza will set sail with Shawn Colvin, Joan Osborne, Paula Cole and a whole list of other talents aboard the Melissa Etheridge Cruise III!

So head on over to pre-order Potenza’s new album for shipment on IWD and get your tickets for this Live! at the Outer Edge showcase to preview some of the new tracks on February 23!

Order your tickets for the February 23 show today! 

Quick Event Info
Who: Sarah Potenza (band), Beth Bombara (band) and Sam Burchfield (duo)
What: A Mile of Music Presents Live! at The OuterEdge event celebrating live, original music.
When: Saturday, February 23 at 7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.)
Where: OuterEdge Stage (303 N. Oneida St, Downtown Appleton)
Tickets: $20 for the general public, $17.50 for 2019 Music-Makers with code (sent via email). All tickets will be $20 at the door! Purchase here.
Other: All ages!

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