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Mar 15
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@MarkBuran2 You took mine. Oh wait, that's the ONLY answer LOL Or well, maybe #MileofMusic
Mar 11
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LIVE: TDHS Late Night Live (2/25/19) on #spreaker #appleton #mileofmusic #pipthepansy #pontenza #wisconsin https://t.co/HC2IdeOMkN
Feb 26
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TOMORROW: Mile 6 powerhouse artist @sarahpotenza returns to Appleton with her FULL BAND for the @MoMPresents 'Live!… https://t.co/AgMEJFz5rr
Feb 22
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
[email protected] has some serious love for #MileOfMusic! Did you get your tickets yet for her return to Appleton this… https://t.co/U7jiVuSpsm
Feb 21
Drew Hahn @TheDrewHahnShow
LIVE: TDHS Late Night Live (2/20/19) on #spreaker #mileofmusic https://t.co/Xgg01YdPB2
Feb 21
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@folkalliance you were absolutely incredible. Thank You for all that you do for the global music community. Thanks… https://t.co/60xlWaPk3j
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Feb 15
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Feb 14
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Sarah Potenza, who'll play OuterEdge Stage in Appleton on Feb. 23, getting some love from @RollingStone this week:… https://t.co/cIo0InqNPO
Feb 14
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Finally made it to #Montreal for @folkalliance Excited for my first #FAI conference. #MileOfMusic ☮️❤️🎶
Feb 13
Mile of Music Presents @MoMPresents
#TBT: Romenesko Family Dentistry graciously provides #MileOfMusic's artists with dental care. After Mile 6,… https://t.co/30uvES1VxI
Feb 7
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@MRC58 We love to hear this!!! See you soon. 😀 #MileOfMusic
Feb 6
Mile of Music Festival @MileOfMusicFest
Yep, that t-shirt is FROZEN! 🥶 Safe to say we’re looking forward to our favorite weekend of summer... we’re just SI… https://t.co/bzlCgPonrQ
Jan 31
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Jan 30
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Wednesday's #MileofMusic Rhythms & Brews show with Frances Luke Accord and Pony Bradshaw at Riverview Gardens is canceled. #wiwx
Jan 29
Mile of Music Presents @MoMPresents
Mark your calendars for February 23...there’s no way you’ll want to miss this [email protected] fave… https://t.co/pS4r135PeZ
Jan 24


Posted Jul 6, 2018

You may have already noticed, but the preliminary schedule for Mile of Music’s 2018 festival (August 2-5) is now LIVE. The preliminary schedule is available online via the festival’s website and mobile app. To accompany the release of the schedule, Mile of Music is also announcing a final small grouping of artists to the lineup.

The preliminary schedule can be viewed on the Mile of Music website or on the mobile app, which is available for free download in both the App Store and Google Play.

A HUGE thanks to our web partner Stellar Blue Technologies and our mobile app developer Skyline Technologies for all of their hard work to get the app and website ready to go for Mile 6! Please note: Our best advice is to create your schedule on either the web OR the app. The app and web do not sync. 

With more than 900 music performances and interactive events, the schedule will continue to be adjusted right up to the festival. Updates can be found on the website and mobile app as they are made in real-time.

The release of the preliminary schedule – which includes 40 scheduled Music Education Team hands-on events — also wraps up the lineup for 2018 with 11 additional acts announced, bringing the final number of performing artists to 207.

The final grouping includes these new artists: Julia Haltigan (New York, NY), Paul Childers (Nashville, TN), Matt Blake (Appleton, WI), B. Lilly (Chicago, IL), Tae (Green Bay, WI), Tarl Knight (Green Bay, WI); and includes these returning acts: Maggie Thorn (Puxico, MO), Jackie Rae Daniels (Nashville, TN), Asumaya (Madison, WI), Jack T. Russell (Minneapolis, MN), Ben Vanden Boogaard (Minneapolis, MN)

Who are you most excited to see at Mile 6? Leave us a comment below!


  • Christine Schultz says:

    I am most excited to see Good Night Gold Dust.

  • Lane Kingfisher says:

    ZANE CARNEY! Heard him in Todos Santos MX this past January and was blown away. He is one of the best guitarists I have ever heard. So incredibly versatile, spellbinding, mesmerizing. So pleasantly surprised to see him in the line up. THANK YOU! Glad to see Bishop Gunn back too. Will definitely be missing The Jag! And Liz Cooper! Thanks for including them in the past!

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