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Volunteer at Mile 6: Updated Descriptions!

Posted Jul 28, 2018

With Mile 6 just a few days away, The Mile Team can’t wait to see all of our artists, attendees and volunteers! Green volunteer tees will take over College Avenue next week, and if you’re volunteering, we wanted you to know exactly what you’ll be doing at Mile 6. Please note our updated descriptions below!

Interested in volunteering? Register here: http://bit.ly/VolunteerMile6

Before we dive into the descriptions, please see our general volunteer policies for Mile 6! We know it’s a lot to read, for be sure to scroll and look for the position you are working!

Questions? Email [email protected], or join our Facebook group!

General Mile 6 Volunteer Policies:

  • Due to reported issues at past festivals, drinking (alcohol) is not tolerated during volunteer shifts. Shifts have been shortened to accommodate this.
  • Your volunteer t-shirt must be worn during shifts, but may not be worn before or after shifts. Please bring an extra t-shirt for after your shift!
  • Food is not provided. Please make sure you’ve had a full meal before your shift, or bring a light, portable snack!
  • Dress comfortably/for the weather. Comfortable shoes will make all the difference!
  • Remember: You are the face of Mile of Music for many attendees! Smile, be kind, be courteous and most of all, HAVE FUN!

Additional (position specific) training will be offered when you arrive for your shift. Leadership will be available for questions at your designated location.

We ask that you arrive for your shift a MINIMUM of 15 minutes early

Position Title: Main Stage Beverage Sales (Must be 21+)

Goal: Beverage Sales volunteers will do one of the following: Check ID’s & put on wristbands, serve drinks, or handle cash sales efficiently. Beverages Sales volunteers must be at least 21. At Houdini Plaza and Washington Square, these volunteers will work directly with Appleton Downtown Inc. staff to serve beer and wine and will be instructed on how to do so by a Bar Lead Volunteer. City of Appleton bartending license a PLUS!

Beverage Sales volunteers serve as one of the main faces of the festival for many attendees, so we encourage you to sign up with friends and family, and have fun!

Locations Available: Houdini Plaza, Washington Square, OuterEdge Stage, Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley

Key Responsibilities:
-Ensure exceptional hospitality for artists, other volunteers and concert attendees
-ID attendees to ensure they are 21+, assist with fitting of wristbands, cash handling, and beverage service during performances at main stages.
-Follow directions from Appleton Downtown, Inc. volunteer supervisor and/or Bar Sales Lead (Mile of Music Volunteer)
-Enforcement of the “no carry out” ordinance

Special Notes:
-City of Appleton Bartender’s License preferred, but not required.
-Craft beer must be poured in a specific fashion, which will be taught upon shift check-in. NEW FOR 2018: Some of our beers will be available in 12 oz. cans! For canned beer, note the following:
-Instruct attendees to remove the label before recycling!
-Pop the top of the can before serving. Cans cannot be distributed unopened.
-OuterEdge and Paper Valley Ballroom – Tap Beer, Cans, Bottles
-Houdini Plaza & Washington Square – Cans, Bottles
-We ask that you arrive for your shift a MINIMUM of 15 minutes early.
-Must be 21+

Reports To: Beverage Sales volunteers will report to the following individuals:
Houdini Plaza: ADI Staff Representative
Washington Square: ADI Staff Representative
OuterEdge Stage: Aubrey Immel
Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley: Ann Krieg (920-915-2520)

Position Title: Festival Headquarters – Information Tables

Goal: Festival Headquarters (HQ) volunteers help to answer questions at either the general festival information, volunteer check-in, artist check-in or Music-Makers check-in table. This volunteer often serves as one of the first people attendees & artists see and interact with when arriving to the festival!

Locations Available: Mile of Music HQ (Fox Cities PAC)

Key Responsibilities:
-Provide excellent customer service, hospitality and assistance to festival attendees, performing artists, 2018 Music-Makers and volunteers
-Help guide 2018 Music-Makers, artists and volunteers to pick up their lanyard badges and other festival-related information
-Answer festival-related questions (directions, perks, etc.)

Music-Makers Check-in Responsibilities:
Main contact: Mike Van Thull (920-841-1414)

Assist 2018 Music-Makers with their check-in. This includes:
-Distribution of physical badges/lanyards
-Description of 2018 perks/discounts
-Directing 2018 Music-Makers to the appropriate lounge located at Festival Headquarters
-Distribution of festival guides and other pertinent festival information

Volunteer Check-in Responsibilities:
Main contact: Gregg Graycarek (920-422-9265)
Back-up contact: Kim Willems (920-878-8621)

Assist 2018 Volunteers with their check-in. This includes:
-Distribution of t-shirts & badges for 2018 volunteers
-In the event of inclement weather, assist with directing volunteers to alternate rain locations
-Ensure volunteers sign the 2018 waiver before receiving their t-shirt
-Answers general volunteer questions (directions, etc.)
-Directs any other questions to volunteer coordinator

Artist Check-in Responsibilities:
Main contacts: Jess Grim (610-597-1515), Ian Thomson (610-762-3177)
Direct financial questions to Cindy Klein (920-850-0764)

Assist Mile 6 Artists with their check-in. This includes:
-Distribution of pertinent festival information (Mile 6 info packet) to 2018 artists
-Ensure 2018 artists sign their performance agreement and understand that no cover songs are allowed during their sets
-Direct artists to the appropriate lounge located at Festival Headquarters, and inform them of mealtimes
-Assist with directions and general festival information as needed
-Discuss perks of Artist Care Program and other info located in the Mile 6 info packet

General Information Responsibilities:
Main contacts: Mike Van Thull (920-841-1414), Corrine Vanevenhoven (920-750-1593)
Assist all attendees with questions, which may include:

-Material distribution/re-stock
-Venue questions/issues
-Scheduling questions (especially in the event of inclement weather)
-Questions can be directed as needed

Position: Main Stage Lead (Must be 21+)

Goal: The Main Stage Lead serves as the liaison between the Mile of Music Team, main stage production crew, Mile 6 artists and venue management (where applicable). This can be viewed as a stage manager position, and may include some stagehand assistance.

Locations Available: OuterEdge Stage, Houdini Plaza, Lawrence Memorial Chapel, Spats, Fox River House, Washington Square

Key Responsibilities:
-Ensure band equipment is secure once the artist leaves the backstage area
-Fulfill requests of the band as necessary (water, etc.)
-Assist the artist in setting up and taking down equipment
-Introduce the artist if requested

Special Notes:
Must be 21+
Must be able to lift 40 pounds if needed

Position: Main Stage PERIMETER

Goal: The Main Stage Perimeter volunteer serves as the liaison between Mile of Music and the Appleton Police Department. This volunteer alerts attendees who are carrying alcoholic beverages of the APD’s regulation on carrying drinks outside of the permitted areas. Drinks may NOT be carried up and down the street outside of our outdoor stages, and the APD has asked us to enforce this.

Locations Available: Houdini Plaza, Washington Square

Key Responsibilities:
-Alert attendees that drinks cannot be consumed outside of the designated area (Washington Square or Houdini Plaza). Violations to this will result in a fine for the attendee.

Main Stage Perimeter volunteers first report the Main Stage Lead or Bar Lead. If issues cannot be resolved or become argumentative, please consult with the Appleton Police Department.

Position: Mile of Music Bus

Goal: Mile of Music Bus volunteers help to facilitate the flow of attendees and artists getting on/off the bus. Volunteers also coordinate bus safety along with the Valley Transit driver.

Locations Available: Mile of Music Bus (loads at Fox Cities PAC)

Key Responsibilities:
-Assist in getting attendees on/off the bus in a cooperative manner
-Help artists get their equipment loaded and connected properly before departure
-Keep attendees that are in line for the bus organized and informed of the current lineup
-Work with Valley Transit bus driver to ensure rider safety
-Enforce Valley Transit rules (such as no food or drink on board)

Reports To: Mile of Music HQ Representative, Valley Transit Bus Driver

Position: Mile of Music Merchandise Sales

Goal: Mile of Music Merchandise Volunteers assist in efficiently running the merchandise stations located throughout different points of the festival. This may include some lifting in order to set up/break down merchandise spaces and restock merchandise appropriately, as well as selling merchandise to festival attendees.

Locations Available: Houdini Plaza (weather permitting), Fox Cities PAC, The Mile Store (located next to Antojito’s)

Key Responsibilities:
-Efficiently help attendees find sizes and styles (as requested)
-Cash/card handling required
-Restock merchandise areas
-Organize merchandise areas (including folding of items, etc.)

Reports To: Dianne Paustain (262-339-7331) for general questions, Kelly Camber (920-585-5808) or Cyndi Pavelski (920-540-9847) for Mile Store-related questions

Special Notes:
Must be able to lift 30 pounds if necessary

Position: Venue/Artist Support (Mid-Sized Venues)

Goal: This volunteer serves as the liaison between the Mile of Music Team and Mile 6 artists/venues. Venue/Artist Support volunteers will help facilitate any issues that arise and need reporting. As a Venue/Artist Support volunteer, you will connect with the venue, artists and production crew to offer assistance as needed.

Key Responsibilities may include:
-Merchandise sales for Mile 6 artists
-Introducing bands (as requested)
-Connecting with the venue on the following:
-Ensure TVs are turned off
-Ensure house music is turned off
-Provide contact information to the venue if needed
-Work with venues to ensure listening room atmosphere as much as possible
-Working with production crew & reporting any issues that may arise
-Report any of the above issues to The Mile of Music Team

Reports To: Artist, Venue Manager

Special Notes:
Must be 21+ for some venues

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