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Outdoor Venues at Mile 9

Posted Jul 30, 2022

At Mile 9, there are plenty of outdoor venues for you to enjoy some great music and sunshine at located all throughout the Mile! 

Check out our list of Mile 9 outdoor venues! 

D2 Sports Pub Patio is located right across from the Fox Cities P.A.C., D2 is right in the heart of College Avenue. They have a great menu selection with indoor and outdoor seating (with a great patio outside). D2 will be all-ages until 8pm, but is otherwise 21+.

Emmett’s is a 21+ full main stage and has lots of great food options, including their signature burgers. To go along with that they also have unique martinis and lots of different drinks to try.  

Fox River House is Appleton’s oldest saloon and has a patio stage where they feature live music all throughout the summer. They have a rotating selection of the finest craft beer ready to serve out on their patio.  

Heid Music is a popular spot to stop by for this year’s Music Education Team events! They’re an all-ages venue hosting Music Education sessions for everyone to come and enjoy Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. 

Hilton Paper Valley Hotel Courtyard is a fun outdoor all-ages venue with a full band venue space right outside the Hilton Paper Valley Hotel. 

Houdini Plaza is located right in the heart of downtown Appleton and is the center of many events like Mile of Music! It provides a great outdoor all-ages venue & main stage for those looking to be out in the sunshine in the center of Downtown Appleton. 

Jim’s Place/Wooden Nickel Patio is a combination of Jim’s Place and Wooden Nickel teaming together to create a shared outdoor listening stage. 

The Lawrence Conservatory Green is a beautiful outdoor venue that provides a space for Music Education to give music education sessions for everyone to enjoy! 

The Lawrence Lawn Main Stage is located on the corner of College Avenue and Drew Street right on the lawn of Lawrence University. It provides a great wide open area for families to find a spot to listen to music at the newly expanded main stage.

The Grove at Lawrence is located right downtown near Lawrence University and features Music Education sessions on Friday!  

McFleshman’s Brewing Co. will have an all-ages section located on their outdoor patio. Everyone (including dogs) is welcome to enjoy their patio! 

Riverside Bar & Grill is a 21+ outdoor full band stage and is located off South Olde Oneida Street in the Riverfront area. They have a great selection of food and beverages to enjoy while also enjoying the music on their outdoor patio. 

Rookie’s Sports Bar & Grill has a large selection of menu items from burgers, wings, sandwiches and more. They’re a full band stage and a 21+ venue.  

Stone Arch Brewpub’s Outdoor Stage offers an all-ages venue with a stage located right in their loading dock (in the front parking lot). They offer great food that includes gluten and dairy free with vegan and vegetarian options as well! 

Come and enjoy the beautiful weather in downtown Appleton while also enjoying the music at Mile 9!  

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  • CLARE WELKER says:


    • Mile of Music Festival says:

      We have many all-ages venues! We can also send you a printed map (and we have one in our festival guide). Thanks! We’ll have a few printed at HQ, too.

    • Andi says:

      I’d like to 2nd this suggestion, maybe having it as an (*) next to the venue name. I didn’t even think about the age factor at an outdoor venue at 2:00 in the afternoon until we were turned away.

      • Mile of Music Festival says:

        We are looking into how to best promote the venues and their age restrictions, accessibility, etc. as we overhaul our website for 2023. Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Lisa Scherer says:

    Can I get a printed map anywhere?

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